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A hodgepodge of C-town shots.

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deer hunter-atcha!
the streets of the Cleve...nice

feels very "Buffalo" to me...ofcourse the cities are cousins.

nice tour
beautiful, I love that gingerbread looking house.
Cleveland is very beautiful, all those amazing structures, I just wanna win the lottery and renovate them!
That's what I'm talkin' about!
I want to visit Cleveland someday. Combines the tall buildings of Pittsburgh, the grittiness, historicness and classicness of Detroit, and the colourful architecture and uniqueness of Buffalo all into one city. Nice pics, that city always looks nice! Some people do refer to Cleveland as a "beautiful" city.
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It is great to see Cleveland blossom. It's days of being reffered to the "mistake by the lake" are long gone. I know that Ontarioans no longer refer to it as much.
Its actually getting some good reviews even from Torontonians which is a feather in her cap. It's great to see Cleveland and Detroit in the same breath.
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I meant to say Cleveland and Detroit NOT in the same breath...............d'oh!
I've always loved the wide variety of urban styles present in Cleveland. It has a little of everything.
Cleveland has no pretentions to being a pretty city. But the incredible variety of housing and building styles within the same block really adds to the city's architectural flavor. A delightful mix of the wood frame houses of Buffalo, the brick rowhouses of Pittsburgh, & the apartment buildings of Chicago.
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