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Clusters (?)

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Is it just me or can anybody else see 2 or 3 potential high rise clusters appearing in the city in the next few years? for example piccadily area - eastgate, crown building, sarah etc. salford quays, deansgate + gn area, spinningfields?? i think it would be good to have several tall buildings clustered togehter in different areas if the city centre. what do you think?
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hmmmm..... not quite what i had in mind or expected accura! lol
Piccadilly and Salford Quays are the only places where I can see a serious cluster emerging.

Beetham will be quite lonely I think, there's no space to build anything tall near it really, and that's probably a good thing.

Greengate is a possibility for a cluster. Spinningfields will be dense, but there won't be a tall group there, 1 or 2 maybe. The area around CIS is also possible.

Piccadilly and Salford Quays have the crucial thing: space. Lots of brownfield sites to build on.
The area around CIS is also possible.
I doubt it now they are putting solar panels on it. It would block the sunlight*
9462 said:
I doubt it now they are putting solar panels on it. It would block the sunlight*
You twistin my melon man? The empty space around CIS is mostly to the North and East, the North side isn't getting clad in solar panels, and a tower built to the east wouldn't block any direct sunlight either!
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You may find this interesting.

As I understand it, the PV cells used on CIS will not need direct sunlight to generate electricity in the way traditional solar panels did. They will be an advanced technology able to generate around 10% of the towers power needs even on a typically overcast moring in Manchester. This project will not hinder the development of a skyscraper cluster in this area. Market forces will.
i realised that after i pressed enter. lol.
you could fit about 10 beethams in the space of that wasteland. I wonder y knones built on it yet?

It could be owned by 'gangsters who wont sell it, or are waiting for the land value to go up more and more and more and will sell it when it is in high demand.
Salford Quays would be good for clusters, the City Centre will simply grow into a massive mannhatten sized megapolpolis!

.,..and stop twistin Caw's melon!
This is where Manchester's cluster should be! We need more tall's grouped around city and portland towers!

(old pic I took two years ago)

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Keep them spread about the city, clusters are too mid American, boring. Build some in the suburbs, end the distinction between city and suburb, the whole of inner Manchester dotted with towers would look surreal, especially at night.
After yesterday's news for the Quays,,,i also think that Salford Quay's and Piccadilly, will be the main area's for a future cluster :)
you could replace the crap building on Faulkner Street inbetween Bank House and the silver tower (Bank of Ireland has an office in it but cant remember its name) with a new tower. That would be a good mid-high rise cluster

Then you could replace Chorlton St bus crapness with a tower and cover the ground level open plan car parks with towers right up to the Crown Building and that would be a cluster
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i am a but disapointed that spinningfields has not got more propasals for tall buildings, as i think there was a great oppurtunity to have a cluster of new high rises (just hope 1 harman square gets built now). hopefully Spacepostman is right, and that the whole city centre can have high rise development thoughout; although this is would take a long time to achieve and would be pretty far fetched (but with the city's current rate of development, who knows?! ;)
I'm satisfied with the talls Spinningfieds will be producing. 1HS, Manchester House and CJC. That is a quite a few talls for a single masterplan.
thats a nice pic

Sunley look's epic!

We are so lucky us manc's
Does anyone no what that tower is which is being built behind the Royal Mail sorting office in Ancoats. Whatever it is its shot up Quickly.
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