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#Coastlands Hotel ICC - Hotel - 12F - Durban CBD

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B]The Coastlands ICC hotel[/B]

This new development will be a 3-4 star deluxe/tourist hotel which complements the existing ICC hotel in Durban. Its facilities include 220 hotel rooms, a street management centre/spa, specialty restaurant, pub/cigar lounge and coffee shop as well as conference facilities. The hotel has taken into consideration Durban’s new People Mover bus service, which stops at The Africa Square adjacent to the ICC Coastlands Hotel.

The extension of The Africa Square, as well as other urban design interventions will encourage and stimulate a pedestrian friendly environment. The hotel will form an integral component of the consolidated ICC Campus Centre of Excellence Precinct and intends to encourage public participation and engage with the new arena to stimulate economic activity in the surrounding precinct.

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I posted the revised renders of this place a couple of years back. I'll have a look for them at home.

Ok this is from my own drawings but this is what the hotel will look like and its position.

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DB I assume its the building next to the ICC on walnut road (I think its called Walnut?).

What are the other 3 building on the other street?
so is this still a propsed project or approved Mike?
^^ its in final approval stages. From what i have gathered the city wanted greater bulk developed as part it - therefore providing more rooms and conference space than Coastlands had proposed. It was initially a 225 room hotel, but the city has edged them up to 270 from what i have heard.
looks like there is room for another one where the old prison wall was next door?
there are also many sites inside the excibition grounds as we looked at a 25f tower opposite Hilton must be 15/16 years ago
^^ the DEC site has loads of space for development, be it hotels or extra conference facilities.

The prison wall still stands in part and is a listed monument and cannot be touched.
DB I assume its the building next to the ICC on walnut road (I think its called Walnut?).

What are the other 3 building on the other street?
Yup thats the one, I got the dimensions, shape and height from my friend so thats pretty accurate. Ignore those other 3 on the far side, it was just my own shit.
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yes, but do not know what the hold up is. they stated at the opening of the umhlanga hotel that this one was going to go full steam ahead this year
Who is the Architect on this project? Love the modern design!
Anyone know what's holding this one back still?
Got no contact at PGA so no idea.
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