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Lol they are just doing it because of this swachh ranking ..
Otherwise Cbe corporation is no better than any panchayat boards (some panchayats are better infact)

I think Trichy, Erode are far better in keeping up the city clean
The good news first: Finally, they seem to be have figured out that they have to remove the sand/mud/debris accumulating along the edges of the roadways and medians.

Now the bad:
They are using the primitive method of collecting the accumulated soil/sand/debris manually, literally by hand using that "chatti". Idiots, what happened to all those mechanized road cleaning machines they purchased years ago. Yep, I know, they have literally been eaten up by poor maintenance and probably sold off for scrap and the officials probably pocketed the money.

meanwhile, hundreds of road users (mainly 2 - wheelers) were maimed and killed by this. Not to mention the fact, this makes the entire city, dusty and when the rains come causes flooding. F**king incompetent and corrupt idiots.
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