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'Cold' Developments in Liverpool

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I thought I'd start a thread where people could query projects in the city that haven't officially been cancelled, just that a fair bit of time has passed with no word, to see if others have heard anything recently.

I'll start the ball rolling with -

Maro Development - Brunswick Quay

We lost the skyscraper, but what became of the scheme to develop the site with several smaller buildings? I seem to recall they were to have some kind of roof gardens? The reception to the buildings on here wasn't entirely warm as I recall, and not just because they weren't the soaring skyscraper we all wanted.

Great Howard Street Development

There was a scheme which I think may have been intended for that open land just past Stanley Dock on Great Howard Street where it was to be built down south, but the local council rejected it or something, so Liverpool was touted as the new destination. That was until the southern council decided they wanted it after all. A bit vague I know but I'm sure someone will remember it.
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i really hope so!
it looked awful from the render i saw
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