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Collecting SSC photo thread gems

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SSC has many, many real photo thread gems. Unfortunately it's quite hard sieve them from patriotic hype and ah-look-at-these-postcards-from-my-country/city-I-just-have-to-flood-this-shit-every-day-and-carpet-everything-that-is-probably-worth-seeing -type spam. This thread is here to make this sieving slightly easier. So, this is where we share links only to high quality photothreads!

To prevent you from doing what I generally find annoying, I'd like to add a few very simple rules/instructions:

1) Don't promote a thread of your own country or city
2) Don't promote your own, self-made thread

3) Please, mention at least the city or thread title (=don't just splash separate urls)
4) If the thread is about tourist photography, please think twice if it's really worth posting
5) Explaining briefly why the thread you link to is worth seeing would be highly appreciated!

Not that I'd be playing a mod or anything... just... please follow these rules. Shouldn't be that hard. ;) I'm sorry for being so straightforward and slightly malicious. I Don't wan't to offend anyone. I just want to get a collection of high quality, really-worth-seeing photo threads. Hope you got my point. :)

I'll start with two threads from from another continent. Being more into creative and visual photography I find these very, very inspiring:

Toronto snaps by ZensLens
Brilliant long exposure photography, skyline views and urban exploration from Toronto.

Life in Los Angeles: Episode I by Illithid Dude
More portraiture and details than skyline views. Very lively and atmospheric stuff. Also, from my point of view this thread has very stereotypically American taste to it (in a good way). Love it!

Looking forward to your contribution! :)
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