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Colmore Square | Landscaping | Comp.

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Colmore Square between Steelhouse Lane and Colmore Row was recently landscaped.

It is home to The Wesleyan and One Colmore Square (with Colmore Plaza and Two Colmore Square on one side and Colmore Gate and One Colmore Row at the other end).

First up: An article from the Birmingham Post:

Regeneration project for Colmore Square

New landscaping and chess garden as public square undergoes revamp led by Colmore Business District

Enjoying the new-look Colmore Square in Birmingham (from left): Jason Jackson of Shoosmiths, Peter Dunlop of Capita and Rob Valentine and Mike Mounfield of Colmore Business District

The Colmore Square area in Birmingham city centre has undergone a revamp.

A variety of enhancement work has been carried out at the site between Colmore Row and Steelhouse Lane including new landscaping, planting, lighting and benches alongside a chess garden with two stone tables and chessboards

Colmore Business District (CBD) said the scheme was the first area enhancement civil engineering project to be undertaken solely by a business improvement district (BID) in Birmingham.

It is also CBD's third public realm enhancement project, following the delivery of Church Street Square and the Livery Street wall and precedes a number of planned improvement projects in Cornwall Street, Newhall Street and Snow Hill Station square.

Vice-chairman of CBD Rob Valentine said: "The delivery of Colmore Square shows the strength a BID can have within the city to drive forward permanent improvements to make Birmingham a more attractive place in which to do business.

"We are committed to investing in our open spaces and helping to create a more walkable, sustainable and high quality city centre.

"Led and steered by our projects manager Mike Mounfield, and supported by Mace, we are pleased the project was delivered within the proposed works timeframe.

"Having created a great public space within the city centre, we look forward to holding community events in the square, including a chess tournament in the summer."

The Colmore Square project was designed by Capita's land planning team, construction work was by Landscape Group while Mace was project manager.
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In 2009 (it looked like this until the renovation works)

In 2010

Two Colmore Square

Midland Metro - steps in 2012

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I'd forgotten what it was like in 1999! Such a great improvement since then.
It was all subways and a sunken area in the middle! If you got the train to Snow Hill and wanted to go to the Children's Hospital (in the late 1990s) you had to walk through there!

I missed it getting demolished first time around as was at uni back then (assume 2002).
I think they just filled the subway when they built One Colmore Square. don't actually think they demolished it.
Oh ok. I wasn't around to see it go!
Could have used a jet wash.... Those stairs look filthy.
Could have used a jet wash.... Those stairs look filthy.
was just going to post that.i walk past that everyday and the new furniture looks good but why did not pressure was the floor :bash::bash::bash:

spoilts the new landscaping
Is there any danger of skate-boarding occurring here, or is it in an area that does not suffer from that malaise.
There used to be skateboarders here (before it was done up).
Maybe they have moved to Eastside City Park?
They pressured the floor today, looks great but already has chewing gum by this afternoon.
Does that include cigarette buts?

It looked ok yesterday.
A band was in Colmore Square last week for Colmore BID!

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New entrance to No 1 Colmore Square.

Under construction in May 2016.

As it is now in January 2017 (complete)

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