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Welcome to the new thread of Colombia, a new part of the collection of threads of the countries and cities of the world:

And this is the list of all the stuff shown in the thread, that I'll be also updating periodically, sorted by Department & City and the Page Number, so that way you may find what you're looking for:


-Medellín: Quick City Overview (Page 2)
-Medellín: Antioquia Museum (Page 3)
-Medellín: Botanical Garden (Page 3)
-Medellín: El Poblado (Page 3)
-Medellín: J.M.Córdova International Airport (Page 3)
-Medellín: Metro & Tramways (Page 4)
-Medellín: National Palace (Page 3)
-Medellín: Palace of the Culture (Page 3)
-Medellín: Parque Explora (Interactive Science Center) (Page 3)


-Bogotá: Quick City Overview (Page 1)
-Bogotá: BD Bacatá (Page 2)
-Bogotá: Botero Museum & MAMU (Page 1)
-Bogotá: Cathedral (Page 1)
-Bogotá: El Dorado International Airport (Page 2)
-Bogotá: Gold Museum (Page 2)
-Bogotá: Take-Off from Bogotá (Page 2)
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Quick City Overview: Bogotá

Department: Bogotá
City: Bogotá
Place: Quick City Overview

With a population of approximately 10.000.000, Bogotá is currently the sixth biggest city of Latin America. Its characteristic color, like the other cities of Colombia, is the red of the bricks, widely used after the Second World War by many architects of the country, who had Rogelio Salmona as its most relevant figure. At the same time, Bogotá shelters another architectural curiosity: the large spectrum of Neogothic styles, from the variety of houses and mansions of neighborhoods like Chapinero to beatiful examples such as Calle Del Sol. Within the neighborhood of La Candelaria (historical district) also lies the core of the city, the Bolívar Square, who is surrounded by the Capitol, the Alcaldía Mayor, the Palace of Justice and the Cathedral. Directly connected this area also is the Palace of Nariño (the presidential palace) and the García Márquez Cultural Center, of a more modern style. Recently, near La Candelaria, a new pole of corporative towers is slowly rising with BD Bacatá as its most important complex (who surpass the 250 m. high barrier), who also join the spectrum of towers of Bogotá who were strongly influenced by the International Style like the Colpatria, the Avianca Tower, the Tequendama and the International Comerce Center.

Bogotá: Botero Museum & M.A.M.U.

Department: Bogotá
City: Bogotá
Place: Botero Museum & M.A.M.U.

With its own buildings in Bogotá and Medellín, Botero is one of the main icons of Colombia within the world community. The Botero Museum, appart from being one of the most visited places in the city, is cured by himself. It has many of his most relevant works, both sculpture and paintings, such as the Monalisa or the Pablo Escobar. It also has paintings of Picasso, Renoir, Monet and other famous artists. Lastly, the Botero Museum is directly connected to the Museum of Art of the Banco de la República, who is often visited by the tourists at the same time, usually with exhibitions of contemporary art.

Bogotá: Cathedral

Department: Bogotá
City: Bogotá
Place: Cathedral

Like many of the oldest cathedrals of the Americas, the current Cathedral of Bogotá is the result of destructions by earthquakes, reconstructions, changes and architectural resignifications during the last 500 years, starting with the chapel of the first spanish village in the area (by that time named Santafé de Bogotá) until the last version who was finished in 1823, with a marked neoclassical style. This cathedral received a special title by the Pope León XIII at the beginning of the 20th Century and the tourists usually visit it together with the Capilla del Sagrario, who is directly connected in of the sides.

Bogotá: Gold Museum

Department: Bogotá
City: Bogotá
Place: Gold Museum

Nowadays an essential for the tourists who visit the city, the Gold Museum of Bogotá has the largest collection of pre-columbian golden objects in the world. The museum shows how the old cultures before the arrival of the Spanish collected the gold and how important it was on their routine, from the daily use to the religious and shamanic employments. Its most relevant piece is the Balsa Muisca, a representation of the El Dorado legend.

Bogotá: BD Bacatá

Department: Bogotá
City: Bogotá
Place: BD Bacatá

BD Bacatá, currently on construction, is a complex who’s going to have the tallest towers of Colombia, the South Tower of 260m. high and the North Tower of 216m. high. Its design consist in a stepped disposition of glass boxes, with open space between the two towers at the middle of the block. It will be used for residences, a commercial centre, offices and a hotel.

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