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Welcome to the new thread of Colombia, a new part of the collection of threads of the countries and cities of the world:

And this is the list of all the stuff shown in the thread, that I'll be also updating periodically, sorted by Department & City and the Page Number, so that way you may find what you're looking for:


-Medellín: Quick City Overview (Page 2)
-Medellín: Antioquia Museum (Page 3)
-Medellín: Botanical Garden (Page 3)
-Medellín: El Poblado (Page 3)
-Medellín: J.M.Córdova International Airport (Page 3)
-Medellín: Metro & Tramways (Page 4)
-Medellín: National Palace (Page 3)
-Medellín: Palace of the Culture (Page 3)
-Medellín: Parque Explora (Interactive Science Center) (Page 3)


-Bogotá: Quick City Overview (Page 1)
-Bogotá: BD Bacatá (Page 2)
-Bogotá: Botero Museum & MAMU (Page 1)
-Bogotá: Cathedral (Page 1)
-Bogotá: El Dorado International Airport (Page 2)
-Bogotá: Gold Museum (Page 2)
-Bogotá: Take-Off from Bogotá (Page 2)
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A total revelation...very impressive. Great pics and video. :cheers:
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