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Welcome to the new thread of Colombia, a new part of the collection of threads of the countries and cities of the world:

And this is the list of all the stuff shown in the thread, that I'll be also updating periodically, sorted by Department & City and the Page Number, so that way you may find what you're looking for:


-Medellín: Quick City Overview (Page 2)
-Medellín: Antioquia Museum (Page 3)
-Medellín: Botanical Garden (Page 3)
-Medellín: El Poblado (Page 3)
-Medellín: J.M.Córdova International Airport (Page 3)
-Medellín: Metro & Tramways (Page 4)
-Medellín: National Palace (Page 3)
-Medellín: Palace of the Culture (Page 3)
-Medellín: Parque Explora (Interactive Science Center) (Page 3)


-Bogotá: Quick City Overview (Page 1)
-Bogotá: BD Bacatá (Page 2)
-Bogotá: Botero Museum & MAMU (Page 1)
-Bogotá: Cathedral (Page 1)
-Bogotá: El Dorado International Airport (Page 2)
-Bogotá: Gold Museum (Page 2)
-Bogotá: Take-Off from Bogotá (Page 2)
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Medellín: Metro & Tramways

Department: Antioquia
City: Medellín
Place: Metro & Tramways

The urban plot of Medellin drastically changed since its integrated transport system was built. The most visible part of this system is the elevated Metro, with 3 lines and almost 35km. long. Additionally, it’s complemented by 5 lines of cable cars of “Metrocable” (2 of them currently on construction) going straight to the suburbs of the city, a tramway and 2 Bus Rapid Transits (BRTs).

Medellín: J.M.Córdova International Airport

Department: Antioquia
City: Medellín
Place: José María Córdova International Airport

The José María Córdova International Airport of Medellín is nowadays the second most relevant airport of Colombia. Like some brazilian airports, its passenger terminal is of big semicircular hallway, who is accompanied on the total design with a fully circular parking. It was built back in the 1970s, when the Olaya Herrera Airport, located the middle of Medellín (just in front of the El Poblado neighborhood), became obsolete for the new airplanes and the constant increasing number of the flights from and to the city and the region of Antioquia. Apart from being a very important point for air cargo of Colombia, it has a flow of almost 8 million passengers per year. Along with other ones, the most important airlines who operate on the airport are Avianca, Aeroméxico and Copa.

Medellín & Antioquia from the Air

Department: Antioquia
City: Medellín
Place: Medellín & Antioquia from the Air

Following next, a few aerial images of Medellín and the surrounding area of the Department of Antioquita, from the take-off from the José María Córdova International Airport:

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61 - 68 of 68 Posts
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