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Work on Indocean’s 65-storey tower to commence this August
May 25, 2012, 7:44 pm

Indocean Developers announced that it would commence construction of a 65-storey luxury residential tower with restaurants and entertainment facilities on two acres of prime property in the heart of Colombo in August.

"The Urban Development Authority (UDA) of Colombo, supported by foreign investment, is in advanced stages of developing the shoreline around Beira Lake. Situated in the heart of the Sri Lankan capital, the man-made lake is already surrounded by major productive use buildings such as offices, hotels, shopping malls, apartments, banks and commercial and leisure establishments.

A 10-acre parcel of land originally belonging to the erstwhile Colombo Commercial Company is now being undertaken for redevelopment. Spanning an impressive lakeshore stretch, the waterfront will be converted into an all-pedestrian boardwalk and promenade bordered by fashion, retail, restaurants, spa and entertainment services," the Indian property developer said.

Indocean Developers (Pvt) Ltd, a venture of Indian property group South City Projects (Kolkata) Pvt. Ltd. (SCPKL), has acquired two acres of this land to build a high end, eco-friendly 65-storey condominium tower.

"The exclusive residential tower is looking to target expatriates, Non-Resident Sri Lankans and HNIs among others. In-house facilities will include a swimming pool, gym, lounge, function room, play area for children, tennis courts etc," it said.

"Located opposite Beira Lake, the 400-apartment development with top-of-line finishes, by Indocean is expected to be launched shortly, with piling work commencing in August. It has already created extensive interest in Sri Lanka’s real estate and HNI circles.

"Kolkata-based SCPKL, established in 2000, is one of the largest property groups in India. SCPKL has an impressive track record developing large-scale residential and commercial projects, including the record-making, tallest South City residential tower in Kolkata, and the South City shopping mall covering a million sq.ft, making it the largest mall in the country, also in Kolkata. In addition, the company has built numerous IT Parks, industrial estates and townships in Chennai, Hyderabad, across Gujarat and in Kolkata.

"In their first overseas venture, SCPKL has commissioned world renowned architect Moshe Safdie and his team at Safdie Architects to design an iconic residential tower. At 65-storeys the building will be the tallest in Colombo, and is to be Moshe Safdie’s first project in Sri Lanka.

"Among the recent ‘creations’ by the versatile architect, urban planner, educator, theorist, and author is the much-admired Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort in Singapore. A building which has not only defined the country’s skyline but also has substantially increased visitor arrivals to the island-nation, thereby giving the economy a great boost.
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Hm... I hope they will change the design - it looks like a monstrosity.
Moshe Safie is from Montreal, and graduated from McGill University! :banana:

Here is some of his latest work which is similar to the small rendering:

Condominium at bishan central

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Sri Lanka expropriated factories to new investors

June 03, 2012 (LBO) - Sri Lanka has given a series of defunct factories which were expropriated from foreign and local investors in November last year to new investors, with compensation also promised, a finance ministry report said.

The finance ministry said a compensation tribunal was tasked with paying claims within six months of their receipt and they could go to 'Court of Appeal.'
The factories have been built on leased land given by the state mostly in export industrial zones and were expropriated under a controversial law that violated property rights of local and foreign citizens, despite the existence of a constitution guarantee against seizure.

Instead of taking action under the terms of contracts signed with investors, Sri Lanka's rulers have justified expropriation under a dangerously neo-feudal doctrine that any firm that received state land grants or tax breaks can be expropriated.

Under feudal rule both in Sri Lanka and elsewhere, property was owned by the king and citizens did not have strong property rights.

Some analysts say British colonial rulers retarded the full development of private property rights by creating 'crown land' which later became state land.

After gaining self-determination from the British in 1948, Sri Lankan citizens were subjected to several rounds Marxist-style expropriations by native rulers, undermining and reversing some of the private property rights already established in the island.

The finance ministry's annual report said Heath Food Products (Pvt) Ltd has been given to a firm called Somlotus (Pvt) Ltd to manufacture home appliances for export.

Continental Vanaspathi (Pvt) Ltd, a firm which had an Indian investor had been given to BCC Lanka Ltd, a state-run firm to make edible oil and soap, Sri Chirag (Pvt) Ltd has been given to Chemsel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd to make carboxy methyl cellulose for export.

Hy - Fashion garments had been given to Concord Apparels (Pvt) Ltd for export apparel making, Sinotex (Lanka) ltd -1 has been given to JAT Holdings (Pvt) Ltd to make paints for the domestic markets, Sinotex (Lanka) Ltd - II has been given to Expo Lanka group.

Plymouth Industries (Pvt) ltd has been given to NIVO International (Pvt) Ltd to process cashew kernels, Jaqalanka Ltd has been given Bachchawat Enterprises Ltd to make snacks, Rican Lanka (Pvt) ltd has been given to Atotech Ltd for engineering services.

Tandon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has been given to MAS Intimates Ltd to make high value export garments and DC Apparel (Pvt) Ltd has been given to Sterling Jersey Co (Pvt) Ltd to produce knitted socks.

The report also said that two sugar mills would be merged into one state entity, and prime property in and around the capital belonging to Chalmers Granaries, Lanka Tractors, Suchir NEB Projects (Pvt) Ltd and a state-run Cashew Corporation has been transferred to Sri Lanka's Urban Development Authority.

Here you gooooo..................
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Where is the location of these properties. Is it in downtown Colombo or around Lakehouse adjoining road. We need more details of these projects and whether any media publications been published.
Its a beauty

Its a beautiful project and its being launched at the right time. We need more similar projects and if possible a URL to reserve any apartments.
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World renowned architect designs tallest condominium

Indocean Developers (Private) Ltd, a company of South City Projects (Kolkata) Ltd. (SCPKL), has acquired two-acres of land opposite the Beira Lake for an upmarket condominium development.

Pradeep Sureka, Sushil Mohta, Jugal Kishore Khetawat and Rajendra Kumar Bachhawat, Directors of Indocean Developers, and architects Moshe Safdie and Charu Kokate of Safdie Architects, USA were present.

Safdie Architects has been commissioned to design Colombo's tallest condominium. Indocean Developers (Private) Ltd. has been floated by SCPKL specifically for the Sri Lanka project.

Pradeep Sureka said, "We were looking to enter the Sri Lanka property market and saw this as an opportunity. The Urban Development Authority, Colombo, offered us the land and we were attracted by the location of the site.

He said, "About selecting the architect, obviously Indocean would only consider the best. The person, naturally, had to be an iconic, global figure having a list of commendable projects in his or her portfolio.

We had no hesitation in deciding on Moshe Safdie. This also comes hot on the heels of his successful Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts in Singapore. We were confident Moshe Safdie would do justice to the beautiful lakeside site we had acquired."

"The 68-storey upmarket condominium will be the tallest in Colombo. We will set the precedent of development in the Beira Lake district as we understand the fabric of the area, and will create a showpiece on the lake frontage. This will certainly be lauded as the first of its kind in luxurious, yet environmentally-friendly residential living," said Jugal Khetawat.

Moshe Safdie said, "My first visit to Sri Lanka was three years ago. I was fascinated by the city and was amazed to see what a wonderful architectural disposition it has. Colombo is transforming. They are urbanising rapidly, and it is probably a good time to have a project that will set a benchmark for future development.

"The client was very ambitious about doing something cutting edge, so the combination of the client's ambition and my fascination with Colombo was good enough reason for us to come together."

"The project we are doing is a landmark high density urban housing. It's at a very beautiful location and there is a lot of outdoor life at the ground level that the building will lend itself to. What we wanted to do was first of all take advantage of the orientation and the views and have apartments with roof terraces open to the sky.
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Thanks for the courtesy images. They look outstanding and filling a void. Hope this project will propel in resounding success with more similar or better projects. Has anyone come across a detailed website and pricing structure. This would be a great investment. Some friends of mine have shown a BIG interest.
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Thanks for the courtesy images. They look outstanding and filling a void. Hope this project will propel in resounding success with more similar or better projects. Has anyone come across a detailed website and pricing structure. This would be a great investment. Some friends of mine have shown a BIG interest.
Nope, no website yet... An apartment here would be a good investment I think :)
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Don't know the exact day these were taken but it shows the cleared land where the apartment complex is going to be built...

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Any ground updates or action. Further any URL for this project to make bookings.
went past the site today, saw some ground work happening. clearing of the grassy areas and also saw some trucks and workers doing some prep work on the site.
went past the site today, saw some ground work happening. clearing of the grassy areas and also saw some trucks and workers doing some prep work on the site.
Can we get some pictures of the current status of this project and if possible others alike...
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