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COLOMBO | Beira Lake (Ran Masu Pura) Intervention Area Development | U/C

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If you have visited Colombo you would have noticed the lakes in the city and network of canals. There are two major lakes in the city center called Beira Lake and Little Beira Lake. These two lakes are linked together and fed by canals and waterways that criss-cross the city. They used to be dirty and still mostly are. However there's good news. Now their is a huge masterplan underway to build bunds and walkways and leanear parks around them and along the canals. Then clean the canals and have ferries and eco tourism.

The Colombo Beira Lake development under the Megapolis ministry is much bigger than cleaning a city lake and building a embankment with a linear park. The Beira Lake development is a major masterplan for Colombo. It is already having huge impact on the city as big or even bigger than the Colombo Port City. As indicated in the second slide below many projects discussed in this forum like the Shangri La, Cinnamon Life, Altair etc. are part of this Beira Lake development master plan project.

Above slides were shared by Ragnarok123 few weeks back in the Colombo Megapolis thread here:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts -Zoning Plan.pdf

Government developed this plan few years back with Singaporean firms help. We are seeing huge projects develped according to the planned zoning under this Beira lake plan.

For example, in the location of Site 14 in above map there used to be a old warehouse complex for more than a century. Government cleared it around 2005-2010 and parceled out land and gave for development of 40+ floor mixed used skyscraper projects. Below 68 floor Altair leaning tower and 47 floor Colombo City Center is being currently U/C in this Site 14 of above map. It has changed the look of Colombo. So this Beira Lake development plan is already having huge impact on Colombo city.

A aerial view of Colombo Little Beira Lake and skyscrapers development at Site 14 of Biera masterplan.


Status of 15 sites under Beira Lake (Ran Masu Pura) Development -Zoning Plan.pdf

(Below details to the best of my knowledge. Please fill in any details you know. I've made Bold the sites that are yet to see any activity.)

1) Former proposed high rise Australian Crown Casino site - currently a parking lot. no sign of development

2) U/C - Stores and good sheds currently demolished. Few operating businesses like a casino, exhibition and convention center in this site area.

3) 350 meter Lotus Tower site - U/C

4) Former Excel world and other commercial warehouses. No development plans heard or visible construction from road.

5) small houses and busineses currently being demolished. Also has couple low high rise modern buildings of Aiken Spence offices.

6) Commercial and housing. No sign of development or demolitions yet.

7) Commercial and housing. No sign of development or demolitions yet.

8) Slave Island station surroudings - Half the area cleared. Proposed 60-70 floor Tata One Colombo Project. Currently Tata housing for displaced U/C. , low rise modern Military School U/C

9) Fully cleared and U/C - massive Cinnamon Life waterfront project with 4 towers 45-30 fl U/C, 44 fl & 50 fl Destiny I & II Towers U/C

10) Fully cleared and U/C - 51x2, 39, 35 floors Shangri La One Galle Face U/C, 55fl, 35 fl ITC One Colombo Hotel U/C

11) Cleared and U/C - Roadways and park areas U/C

12) Cleared and U/C - Roadways and park areas U/C

13) Cleared and Baladaksha Mawatha U/C

14) Cleared and U/C - 68/63 fl Altair leaning towers, 47 fl Colombo City Centre, 50x2 fl Capital Twin Peaks U/C. Also a site allocated to Shangri-La.

15) Leanier park surrounding in small Beira was completed in early 2000 but not maintained properly. Some places in bad state of repair.
Video Promo of Beira Lake Development Plan...

Ran Masu Pura - How Beira Lake is displayed in the future
Colombo Beira Lake Floating Wetland Project to clean water...

Vetiver Sri Lanka
"Can a floating wetland comprised of vetiver plants help clean Sri Lanka's most polluted water body? VSL members decided to find out!"


1st phane Nov 2017

After 2 months - Jan 2018- roots growing...

2nd phase of Beira Lake Floating Wetland

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