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The Masterplan for the Western Region and Colombo Core


- To realise the 2 stage plan of year 2010 (6.5 M) and year 2030 (8.5M)
- To become South Asia’s transhipment & logistic center
- To be the tourist destination for eco-tourism
- To strengthen the manufacturing sector
- For Colombo to be a regional finance & business hub
- To provide affordable homes catering to new lifestyles

How to go about achieving it ??

Decentralising Plans with the following [/b]Hubs[/b]

- Colombo Core - Financial, Business, Transportation and Administrative Hub
- Outer Necklace Industrial Corridor - Consist of 5 Regional Centers as growth catalyst for new towns

- Inner Necklace Technology Corridor - Consist of 4 Sub-regional Centers as satelite towns on the fringe of the city

- Transport & Logistic Spine Business Corridor - Main Link between city fringe, Seaport and Airport

- Green Finger Concept - Open space and environmental areas are planned into the Green Connector System to provide relief from the built environment


new Townships/ hubs

source and map copyright: Urban Development Authority

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Proposed Road Network

- Proposed Expressways -Inner Necklace Expresswa (Outer Circular Highway) -Outer Necklace Expressway-Business Corridor(Katunayake- Southern Highway Link) -Kandy Expressway
- Proposed Semi Expressways -Kandy road, High level road, Low level road, Ratnapura road, Galle road, Negombo road, Horana road
- Existing Major Arterials
- Proposed Major Arterial

- Baseline Road Phase 3

Proposed Rail Network

source & copyright : urban development authority link

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Looks great, but 20years :) And was it signed or just a study done for the MRT ? It would be awsome if its signed and getting ready for construction and i saw somewhere that land was being acquired for it. Any confirmation ?

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May 09, 2006 20:57 PM [/font]

M'sian Firm Among Group Developing MRT In Colombo

COLOMBO, May 9 (Bernama) -- Sri Lanka's state-owned Board of Investment (BOI) and a group of foreign investors, including Malaysia's OPUS International, Tuesday signed a letter of intent to undertake feasibility study for a mass rapid transit (MRT) rail system in Colombo to ease congestion in the country's biggest city.

BOI chairman Professor Lakshman Watawala and representatives of four companies making up the group signed the agreement at the BOI office here.

The four companies are NEB Infrastructure Pvt Ltd of India, OPUS International, Siemens AG of Germany and UTI Bank of India.

A statement issued at the end of the deal said the group would submit a pre-feasibility report and thereafter with the consensus of the government will prepare a detailed project report for the network.

The government will make available to the group existing study reports and material pertaining to the set-up of a MRT in Colombo.

The feasibility study will involve the study of route alignment, estimation of transport demand and distribution, projected traffic loads and cost estimates, it said.

Opus International (Malaysia) Bhd is one of the leading project management services providers for large scale infrastructure and transportation projects in Malaysia.

It is listed on Bursa Malaysia and the London Stock Exchange.

The statement said local authorities came up with the MRT proposal to cater to the growing passenger numbers in the Colombo metropolitan area.

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I hope there are plans for green areas in all of this. We don't want it to become a concrete jungle.

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Amal said:
I hope there are plans for green areas in all of this. We don't want it to become a concrete jungle.
It is interesting that you are concerned about greenery.

I guess Colombo core will be evolving into a highrise CBD meaning not much of greenery. However if you take the Western Province itself, there are provisions in both the short term/midterm and long term visions of the UDA for :

1. preserving forests / re-forestation.
2. plantation or undeveloped zones
3. Planned zones for tourism/recreation developments.

Image courtesy and copyright : Urban Developmen Authority

Priority projects with respect to environmental concerns and tourism development

1. Assessment of Ground Water availability for urban needs

2. Evaluation of exploitation potential of other minerals

3. Formulation & implementation of river valley management plans emphasizing tourism and recreation uses of banks and water ways in Kelani,- Kalu and Bentota Ganga

4. Formulation & implementation of detailed drainage Master Plans in all ULAs Institutional strenthening of WPC and ULAs

5. Mapping of flood plains

6. Acquisition and conservation of low-lying areas for flood detention (10,000 ha.)

7. Mangrove re-forestation in selected coastal areas

8. Conservation of all low land rain forest in CMR

9. Assessment of land slide prone areas in Kalutara

10. Urgent urban renewal / redevelopment projects including improvement / relocation of squatter settlements

11. Preparation and implementation of ladscape Master Plans
including Public Open Space Networks and Pedestrian ways in all ULAs.

12. Master Plans for Weras Ganga, Bolgoda Lake, Kalutara Lagoon,
Bentota Estuary, Lunawa Lagoon

13. Restructuring of SLLRDC as a National Storm Water Management

source: UDA Project proposals under the Western Regional Physical Structure Plan

Would be interesting to see how many of these are actually 'high priority' and are not mere decorations on paper. Anyone in Colombo care to comment or follow up ??

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Well, not exactly Colombo but more on the 'Green' Zone in the Western Region

The Muthurajawela Marsh and Negombo Lagoon a coastal wetland, 6,232 ha in extent, is situated along the west of Sri Lanka, just north of the capital of Colombo. This wetland ecosystem has served multiple uses including fishery, agriculture, trade and shipping and habitation from the past. But during the recent past there has been visible degradation of the ecological complex due to unplanned development. This situation was recognised by the government of Sri Lanka in 1989.

An integrated planning stratergy was proposed. The main management strategy in the plan was the identification of three zones:
1. conservation zone
2. buffer zone
3. mixed urban zone.

Conservation Zone : Negombo Lagoon and th Marshy area

Buffer Zone : Intermediate between Conservation zone and mixed urban zone. It is green and prevents spreading of industries/housng into the conservation zones. The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has declared the Buffer Zone as an ‘Environmental Protection Area’

source: CEA

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Now back to 'civilization' if we can call it that. Let's get to the 'core'

Colombo Core Area Plan ( 2010 vision )

The Core Area Plan is defined as the core area of the Colombo Metropolitan Region (CMR), which overlaps with the boundary of the Western Province. More specifically, the Core Area of the CMR consists of the municipal councils of the City of Colombo, Dehiwala Mt. Lavinia and Sri Jayawardena Pura-Kotte, and a few local authorities in the Western province.

Prposed Zones:

- Concentrated Development Zone (Finance/Hotels/Apartments etc.) (CBD)
- Port related activity Zone
- Commercial Zone
- Mixed Development Zone (offices, Apartments, Entertainment & shops etc.)
- Tourism and allied zone
- Administrative Zone
- Security Zone
- Primary Residential Zone
- Special primary Residential Zone
- General residential zone
- Special control zone
- Recreational zone
- Environmental conservation zone

Map :


Building height and density according to the guidelines in the Revised Planning & Building Regulations.

There are several heigh categories for Colombo Core biulding zones.

Building Denisity ( 2010 ) proposed


source Densities.htm

Very informative map. Not sure of copyright issues so I didn't reproduce it here.

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sjinadasa said:
Looks great, but 20years :) And was it signed or just a study done for the MRT ? It would be awsome if its signed and getting ready for construction and i saw somewhere that land was being acquired for it. Any confirmation ?
what exactly is the MRT first ? Mass Rapid Transit System can be broad term, often refered as the metro ( which is partly underground and partly ground or elevated ). But sometimes even electric sub-urban railway is refered to as MRT. So what exactly Colombo has in mind ?

All it means is it is not going to be Monorail, or other light rail options, which is often classified under the LRT banner.

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Colombo Port Expansion Project

Sri Lanka to expand Colombo port to retain Colombo's Regional Hub status

Sept 06, Colombo: The Sri Lanka government today entered into a landmark Memorandum of Understanding with the Asian Development Bank for the financing of the Colombo Port Expansion Project.

The Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) said that following a meeting chaired by President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees, Minister of Ports and Aviation and Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera signed a special Memorandum of Understanding for the financing of the Colombo Port Expansion Project with Liqun Jin, Vice President of the Asian Development Bank.

“This landmark event launches the key strategic development designed to accommodate the mega container ships of the future and retain Colombo’s Regional Hub status. This long awaited news is a welcome sign to the local and international maritime industry, and will undoubtedly help Colombo to keep abreast of global developments and stay ahead of the competition,” the SLPA said.

Following the successful conclusion of a feasibility study commissioned by the SLPA in 2000, detailed investigations, engineering designs and investment plans were undertaken by a consultant, Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Co. Ltd., in 2003 and were finalized at the end of 2005.

The stage I of the port facility with one 1200 m long terminal having the ability to berth at least three container ships is expected to be completed by 2009. This will enhance Colombo Port capacity by 2.4 million TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units).

The Asian Development Bank will finance US$ 225 million for the breakwater construction and basic port infrastructure, which will be implemented by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority as a public project, while the container terminals are expected to be implemented jointly with the private sector.

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By Staff Writer
INVESTMENT: Keangnam, the Korean construction giant has invested US $ 60 million to construct Sri Lanka's third tallest 38 and 42 storeyed Twin Tower super luxury apartment complex, The 'Dawson Grand', in Colombo 2. The construction of the project commenced on October 1.

Managing Director Sri Lanka branch office Noh Han Choon said that this is their biggest investment in Sri Lanka.

"Our previous biggest investment in Sri Lanka was the Royal Park Residencies for which the company invested US $ 400 million," he said.

Asked if the tension in the North East has driven away their future investment plans for Sri Lanka he answered in the negative.

"Violence happens all over the world and is something we are used to. Any investment has its risks," he said.

Construction on The Dawson Grand commenced on October 1 and is scheduled to be completed within 38 months.

The twin storeyed apartment complex will comprise 178 apartments consisting of Penthouse, Standard, and Studio, type apartments.

The Korean architectural firm 'Space Group' is responsible for the design of The Dawson Grand while their local partners are Design Group 5.

A workforce of 600 to 1,000 [ at peak time ] of which less than 4% will be Korean, the rest being Sri Lankan, will comprise the construction team of this ambitious project.

Chairman and Director General (BOI) Prof. Lakshman Watawala said this investment would once again prove a landmark building in the country.

"The investments in the condominium development is on the rise," he said.

"This investment is an eye opener for other investors and proves Sri Lanka is a good destination to invest," he said.

The Dawson Grand apartments are now on sale and a model apartment could be viewed at Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7.(DN)

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38 and 42 storeyed Twin Tower super luxury apartment complex - sounds awesome. Any renderings?
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