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MVRDV unveils plans for Sri Lankan office building with stepped terraces

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Year: 2016+

Programme & Size: 12,000m2 office building including 6000m2 office space, 600m2 of commercial spaces on the ground floor, a rooftop garden with event pavilions and two levels of parking

Budget: Undisclosed

Colombo, like many other South-Asian cities, is moving towards developing into a future as a high dense Metropole, with multiple large-scale offices and residential towers. Veranda Offices continues this current trend but it is also forward-looking, conscious of its architectural context, and will be a model for future development in the city. ‘Veranda Offices reflects Colombo’s contrasting nature as a city of old and new that is also both busy and vibrant’, says Nathalie de Vries, co-founder, MVRDV. ‘Our design approach is ecological, cultural sensitive to the location and its future users by offering them attractive, light filled offices with a lively commercial plinth.’

The building is a 12,000m2, eight storeys high, mixed-use office block offering some commercial activities in an activated plinth. Its ground level is landscaped and embedded to create a pedestrian link leading to lively neighbouring which offer finance, business, saloon and gallery spaces. The façade design is inspired by local Sri Lankan weaving patterns. These together with open verandas and large glass panoramic windows, wrap around the building mimicking weaving techniques but also allows for office divisions where inner separated walls do not disrupt the overall façade identity.

The office floors are designed to be as flexible as possible with options to rent small units or an entire floor, with each floor having its own panoramic veranda. Located on the ground level, along with the main junction there is a space able to accommodate a cafeteria or small restaurant. In contrast, on the sixth floor, there is a rooftop with a sculpture garden and shaded pavilions for events, gatherings or more flexible uses. The drop-off and lift lobby are integrated within the building envelope and two parking levels above ground have a lush open planter façade. This allocation of uses allows the public realm to be uninterrupted for pedestrians. The fenestration has a large setback to minimalize the radiation caused by direct sunlight, whilst verandas are shaded and protected using the folding shutter to prevent from harsh sunlight and heavy rains. Veranda Offices is the first centralised cooled building of its kind in Sri Lanka that provides naturally ventilated breakout spaces. These low tech solutions mentioned all contribute to making the building more sustainable.

MVRDV worked together with co-architects ACS Integrated and PWA Architects, NCD on structural engineering and Ramboll on SMEP. Project management is by Ascentis India and Quantity surveying cum Cost Control by Qpro Services (Pvt) Ltd. The project is set for completion in February 2019.

Design MVRDV: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries

Design Team: Nathalie de Vries with Stefan de Koning, Mariya Gyaurova, Thomas Boerendonk, Arjen Ketting, Leo Stuckardt, Stavros Gargaretas, Akshey Krishna Venkatesh, Manuel Frey and Christy Li Yu Wai

Visualization: Antonio Luca Coco, Paolo Mossa Idra, Tomaso Maschietti and Kirill Emelianov

Client: Moot Manor (Pvt)


Project Manager: ASCENTIS

Co- architects: ACS Integrated and PWA Architects

Structure Engineers: NCD

Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing: Ramboll

Images: MVRDV [/FONT]

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The Norwegian Embassy recently signed up with Moot Manor (Pvt) Ltd, becoming the first occupants of the soon to be completed M2M Veranda Offices in Colombo 02. Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Norwegian Embassy recently signed up with Moot Manor (Pvt.) Ltd., becoming the first occupants of the soon to be completed M2M Veranda Offices in Colombo 02.

The ambassador and the first secretary of the Norwegian Embassy visited the site of M2M Veranda Offices, located at the intersection of W.A.D. Ramanayake Mawatha and Hunupitiya Road, connected by a walk-way to the vibrant Park Street Mews in Colombo 02.

The embassy plans to start the process of fitting out the premises from August 1, 2019. The process of finding project managers, building contractors and material suppliers is set to begin soon.
When interviewed, as to why they located the Embassy in M2M and in this part of Colombo, the senior advisor at the Section for Property Management at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “It was the desire of Norway to seek intimacy rather than anonymity. M2M Veranda Offices has just four office floors albeit rather large ones. This appealed to us rather than any tall multistoreyed building.”

They were also attracted by the reputation of the design consultant MVRDV of Netherlands. MVRDV was responsible for designing the now famous and iconic Bar Code district and an international bank headquarters in Oslo among other remarkable projects worldwide.

In addition they were attracted by the qualities endowed on M2M by the MVRDV design of having plentiful natural light, high ceilings, a surfeit of parking and an extraordinary break out space of a sculpture garden rooftop.
Being just a walk away from Park Street Mews or the Colombo City Centre for meals was an added plus.
Finally, the official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed wonderment that the terms of the lease, called on the tenants to “celebrate what united humanity and disregard what divided humanity as well to smile and be happy every day.”

He said that he had never in his working life encountered similar terms in a commercial lease but that he, both individually and on behalf of the Ministry endorsed every word of those two injunctions.

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An Approx. 10,000 Square Meter Commercial & Office building with innovative space planning for the New Business Culture. The project features a ‘Verandah Offices’ concept, excess parking which is lacking in other office buildings in Colombo on 2 upper parking levels accessed through 2 vehicle lifts, and a sculpture garden rooftop

The project has already impacted the entire neighbourhood in its innovative approach and upscaling of the street front, and reached its completion in February 2020 with 2 Embassies already reserving floor space.


Photos from google maps - June 2020 - Nandike Samaranayake
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