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Colonial Architecture In Malaysia

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Hai all, can anyone post some colonial buildings for us to savour...I quite new here.Do not know if this thread is existed or not.I try to post some pics.Anyone want to contribute?:cheers:
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Pics of old pre-independnece buildings and some colonial buildings in Penang.

I dunno why,but I found this cool pics in the S'pore forums.

Pics credited to travellator

more pics of old George Town, the roof side walls are quite unique

these row of old commercial buildings owned by OCBC bank are undergoing restoration.

This is the Teochiew clan temple recently restored. I am really happy about this as I am part Teochiew, on the day I visited there was elections for the temple trustees and there were many younger people coming to vote

The ancestral tablets in the inner hall

the outer courtyard

Wooden doors between inner & outer courtyards

Here's some from the Ipoh thread

This is the views around Ipoh Padang...

The 'Old Town' of Ipoh...

Near the St. Michael Institutional Ipoh...

This thread will never be perfect without this building :) .

It seems every Malaysian city thread have some pre-independent and colonial buildings.

Johor Bharu

The brown building is the SUltan ABu Bakar Building(correct me if I am wrong).

Melaka has the oldest ones :banana: :banana:
Melaka has the oldest ones :banana: :banana:
Yep, and it has this genuinely mysterious feeling about the place (the thought that it was the centre of trade more than 600 years ago!). Historically speaking, Melaka is the common denominator for most modern Malaysian cities (and Singapore).

Hope to make a trip down there soon, then to Penang, JB, Ipoh, Taiping, Klang…:cheers:
traditional architecture is something differ from colonial architecture. forrestcat, i think you misunderstood here...
:) Thanks for all the contribution guys, yup colonial and traditional is different.Colonial buildings in Malaysia mostly Victorian and Moorish architecture and traditional buildings well is our own cultures artifacts:cheers:
I try to post some pics but have probs....i following the guide thread but damn. guess im a bit awkward with manual.
The oldest colonial building in Malaysia, probably in SEA. correct me if im wrong. the A' Famosa
by André D' Liohn

by Andrey Tio

by full soon

by jonolist

by mercizwa
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Yup..I love the pre-war and pre-independence buildings in Penang and Malacca.KL have some too but they are renovated too much that they lost their appeal.I hope someone can search the East Coast cities' colonial buildings.:)

teckkang,i believe u have the unofficial role of findings pics of Malacca's colonial buildings :) .

Plenty pics of pre-war buildings in Penang.All transfered from Penang and Penang street level thread.

by Johnny Yeh Taiwan

E&O at night......

by qwazymonkey

by theboywonder

roundabout at King Edward's Place
by archivista

Victoria Memorial clock tower
Super nice photos up there, TYW! :eek:kay:

Is this another example of them permitting a highrise to be built

while preserving an old building?
Hi, how r u ppl in Penang ?
You ppl really do a good job to keep update info about Penang.
I have been abroad for over 10 years. For me, Penang always is the BEST BEST hometown. I miss the food, the streets, and of course the ppl in Penang. Anyway, I am planning to go HOME this year !! :banana::banana:

Ooohh yeah, here are some historical pics of Penang. I got them few years ago, but I can't remember what was the source. As I think, all ppl that care about Penang would also like to know how did Penang look in the past. I guess all of these pics were taken before I was born :) , may be 50 years ago or older. See how the Esplanade has changed, and the pic also showed a steamship ! Wow ..
Also at Beach Street, Penang Road, Ligth Street ... etc, luckily it is still can recognise many of those buildings even now. May be you guys can take from the same angle and show how those area has changed. Sure our anak cucu will appreciate for these :lol: . .. . Penang Banzai !!

Wooo ... are you guys keep an eye on this forum 7 days 24 hours ?
I always tell my foreign frens that Penangites are kind and warm (hot), just one day got so many welcome messages .. . thank you, xie xie, kam sia, toh che, terima kasih, arigato, danke, merci, grazie ... and more TQ !!

Pablo, answer your question, I am in JP now.
SEAfan, I agree with you. We can build more and more new hi-tech buildings, but we can not afford to lose those priceless herritage buildings in Penang.

These are some more historical pics about old and new public transportations in Penang. I didn't know Penang had double decker once in the past. The background is Penang Road Polis Station or we call it "Si-Hon-Lau".

Penang Ferry in 1958 and 1980's.

Upper Penang Road

St John Fort, Malacca

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KL's pre-independence buildings

This is the one of the newest addition to KL beautification projects apart of currently under construction DBKL’s very own City Walk project around KLCC/Jalan P.Ramlee vicinity.

Jalan Doraisamy project restoration and preservation or officially known as Asian Heritage Row project is a charming neighborhood of tastefully refurbished pre-war residences which now house a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, wine bars, and night spots

This small and humble area of the capital city is now fast becoming the trendiest and finest place for fine-dining and nightlife. Privately funded project, managed by Asian Heritage Row and fully endorsed by the city hall and Sheraton Imperial Hotel, their main objectives are to preserves and restores the forgotten and abandoned pre-war residences along the strip into its former glory and turning the neighborhood into distinctively gastronomical and nightlife heaven.

More colonial buildings are given their new makeover along with their new possessors, club and restaurant owners.

Unlike contemporary and ever popular Bangsar, Hartamas and Jln Sultan Ismail strip, this part of the capital city is obviously under rated or unheard especially among visitors. With its colonial and pre-war architecture, Asian Heritage Row will surely charm any visitors and locals alike. :)

This area is easily assessable by:-
Monorail: Raja Chulan Station
LRT: Dang Wangi

^^ those Malacca's old pics are interesting :)

thanks...i think these are the oldest pics of malacca i've ever seen^^
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