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Franklin Park Conservatory

The Franklin Park Conservatory, located near downtown Columbus, Ohio, is one of Ohio's premier horticultural showcases that features hundreds of unique plants, special exhibitions and permanent installations.

Originally constructed in 1895, the Franklin Park Conservatory is set amongst Columbus' Franklin Park and is surrounded by 90 acres of outdoor botanical gardens along the historic National Road. The Victorian-styled Palm House, the center attraction, was patterned after the 1893 Chicago's World Fair and Columbian Exposition Floral Exhibition.

The Conservatory houses over 400 plant species, representing four climates: the Himalayan Mountains biome, the Rain Forest biome, the Desert biome and the Pacific Island biome. The Showhouse changes with each season, and is the area where the bonsai and orchid collections are housed, along with revolving exhibitions of specialty plants and art works. The park is also the only public botanical garden in the world to feature Dale Chihuly's glass artworks, representing over 3,000 separate pieces of glass.

Read more about the Franklin Park Conservatory and browse through the 65 photographs!

Dale Chihuly's glass artworks.

More can be found at Franklin Park Conservatory.
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