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Coming to a road near you?
Source: North Side Courier
Author: Kim Smee

Roadside advertising, as seen here on the Sydney Airport approach, will be permitted on major traffic corridors under new State planning guidelines. Photo: Melanie Russell

New laws permitting advertising along major traffic routes will cause a "disgusting" litany of billboards on local major roads, Local Government Association president and North Sydney mayor Genia McCaffery has warned.

New guidelines from the Department of Planning will lift prohibition on advertising along major traffic corridors, banned in 2001 after public discontent over the proliferation of ads in the community, such as on the Sydney Airport approach.

Cr McCaffery said the new amendments to state environment planning policy will ruin the landscape on Warringah Road, and potentially Pacific Highway, Military Road and entry and exit points of the Lane Cove Tunnel.

But the Department of Planning claimed new anti-cluttering laws will prevent the ugly cluster of signs and billboards.

Planning spokesman Mark Skelsey said the guidelines included "strong anti-cluttering provisions which would prevent this type of excessive advertising from happening again."

Cr McCaffery was unconvinced.

"What will happen is we will end up with another disgusting circumstance like at the airport, the public will get outraged and we will come back to a prohibition but won't be able to remove the ads," she said.

The Department of Planning said it was appropriate to lift the prohibition on freeways and some tollways because advertisements will now have to demonstrate public benefit.

This would be either through supporting infrastructure projects, funding landscaping, controlling vandalism or funding improved access, particularly to railways.

The Department of Planning also said the guidelines will help prevent "uncoordinated, ad hoc decision-making about outdoor advertising along transport corridors and will set higher design standards."

It said advertisements will have to demonstrate design excellence.

This included showing compatibility with the scale, proportion and other characteristics of the site, and not require the removal of significant trees or vegetation or cause light spillage on neighbouring properties.

Cr McCaffery conceded a moderate level of appropriate advertising could be an effective way to fund local infrastructure but said a blanket policy would lead to the same mistakes being made again.

"We will end up with the advertisements everywhere, the Lane Cove Tunnel, Military Road, the Warringah Freeway and the Pacific Highway."

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I'm nonplussed, just peeved off at some of the advertising at Central Station which NEVER should have been done the way it has. Some advertising you could probably get away with, I'll grant, but not the way it has been done.

I wonder if they're going to implement advertising along the freeways?

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I detest those things with a vengence! Don't we already have enough advertising? It's EVERYWHERE! Just look at the CBD with those creepy JC Decaux moving panel adds on bus shelters and phone boxes.

I remember when they first installed them at Circular Quay, I went downstairs after working late and totally freaked out - when they all moved at once - it was disoritening to say the least.

Next thing you know they will be projecting advertising on the side of buildings!! Imagine that.

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