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Coming to visit Bahrain

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Hey guys, I am coming from Lebanon to Bahrain July 25th hopefully to see my brother and his wife and kid. I was wondering if anyone could give me a few ideas of things to do, places to see, places to eat etc... I figured I would ask here because I assume some of you live there so you could probably help me out better than any website could
Thanks for all your help! I will be there for two weeks so I would like to try and see it all, or as much as possible.

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you can go to the Bahrain Fort around sunset its beautiful.
Or if you want a nice place to eat try Monsoon, Meat Co., Oliveto's...
I was surprised, i only very recently discovered they re-did the Adliya area, turned that resturaunt area into pedestrian only (well some of it)... looked good.. Have to go check it out sometime soon...

Anyways Rami, u have to tell us what ur into.. What u like to do.. Or what type of cuisine u like...

Try Cocoon Lounge in Juffair (Best Western Hotel).. or Latin Quarter for salsa music at Pars Hotel, also in Juffair... There's Z-Club in the same hotel which is not bad..

I would also recommend Aqua Fuego in Exhibitions Avenue.. Nice club..

I hear Taboo is really good...

What else.. You have to go to Trader Vic's.. Nice resturaunt at the ritz carlton, usually with nice latin-type music... Bushido, also at the ritz, a Japanese variation of Buddha Bar, owned by the same company that owns budda bar.. Its supposed to be great, i haven't checked it out yet...
The Karting circuit in the Formula 1 circuit should be still open.. Very hot, u'll get very sweaty, but its Loadss of fun..

There's also the Lost Paradise of Dilmun waterpark in that area as well... I haven't been, but its supposed to be good fun, one of the biggest waterparks in the region..

In a few weeks, very soon, the region's biggest indoor-outdoor waterpark in a Mall should open... Wahooo... It should be good... In the City Centre mall, on the roof-top..

You might want to visit the Museum.. let me know if u do, maybe i'll come along, hahaha.. I haven't been to it since like 3rd grade or something.. And i hear there are some interesting artifacts.. Like, for instance, most ppl don't realize bahrain had one of the oldest civilizations in the world.. Dilmun.. And it even had some relations with the Pheonicians i hear.. So supposedly there are some Dilmunian-Pheonician artificats..
I'm also coming to Bahrain next September, how is the weather there during autumn?
Hey thanks for the websites and the really good suggestions. I checked out the specifics that some of you said.. looks really good!

To answer your question B-Patriot I am really into civilizations so old architectures and museums.. I will let you know if I go haha.

For food, asian style cuisine has always been a favorite, but even national food would be cool to try. I don't know how close Bahrain food is to Lebanese food... but I am intersted in trying it.

Going out to the clubs or anything super social like that may not happen only because I am going there alone, my brother is older and I know noone else in the country, so I am not too keen on partying solo lol.

I heard that you all have really good souks, is there any that are more popular then others? Also, is shopping expensive in Bahrain?? I don't want to bring too much clothes with me because I kind of wanted to try out the shopping there - depending if my bank account will allow for it haha

Thanks again for everyone's help.
For food, asian style cuisine has always been a favorite, but even national food would be cool to try. I don't know how close Bahrain food is to Lebanese food... but I am intersted in trying it
Try Marai, its an Asian restoraunt in the newly renovated Adliya Area, its very good.

Also there are really old houses in Old Muharraq which you could visit. These old houses were recently repaired and renovated to retain their traditional Bahraini architecture. Some houses you could visit are
-Sheikh Ebrahim Cultural Center.
-Adbulla al-Zayed House (this houses is now kind of a musuem for really old has Bahrains first newspaper)
-Kurar House

(^ very good link)
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