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Commies in Genova

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Here are some of our commies along the Riviera! :D

A fine commie...

A "rich" commie....

Commie with funicular!

The best one, and the most famous: the "Biscione" :D

There is also an entire "commie" district Called "Begato" but it's too dangerous to get there with a camera! Here is the only pic I found on the net:

And there is also another wonderful example (the pics are not mine this time), not a real "commie", but worth the view: the "Lavatrici" (washing machines) of Pra-Palmaro! :D

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Offtopic: Not offended, just lazy I guess... :doh:

% speaking English as foreign language in Europe

* Generally, English is the first foreign language in education in all EU Member States (except anglophone ones), and French is almost always the second.

* English is learned by 26% of non-anglophone primary pupils; French by 4% of non-francophones

* As far as secondary education is concerned, the language most taught as a foreign language is English.

* Overall, 89% of pupils learn English.

* In Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands over 90% of all secondary pupils learn English.

* 32% of pupils learn French, 18% German and 8% Spanish.

This probably explains our reluctancy to speak English...
...and this:

* The teaching of languages in primary education is becoming more and more widespread in 1991/92 only four countries (Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium-Flanders) had more than 20% of primary pupils learning a foreign language .

* Latest figures indicate that the teaching of languages in primary school is growing in Europe: in Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium-Flanders, Greece, Spain, Austria, Finland and Sweden, more than 33% of primary pupils are learning a foreign language.

* The teaching of languages in compulsory education in more widespread than before: In Denmark, Greece, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, teaching of a foreign language is obligatory for a longer period than it was ten years ago.

* In Ireland, Italy and Greece, only one foreign language is generally taught; elsewhere, two or three languages are studied, or can be studied.

* Between the ages 12 and 18, the total number of hours devoted to language learning varies from 6 hours per week in Portugal to 1 - 3 hours per week in Belgium (Wallonia), in Greece, in Ireland and in Italy.
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