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Didn't someone else recently ask this question? Makes me wonder why people even want to know...
Maybe they want to work in the building, and need to know where to look for jobs? I know I can't be the only person that has ever submitted resumes to companies based on location and/or the building they are based in.


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Here's a partial list I have compiled over time from various news articles, strictly out of my own curiosity about who is in this building. The tenants are listed in order from largest to smallest, in terms of the square feet they occupy.

The first nine on the list (Ernst & Young through Tressler Soderstrom) are among the 10 largest tenants in the building, with all but Tressler in excess of 100,000 square feet occupied. The others are considerably smaller.

Ernst & Young (accounting)
Sonnenschein (law firm)
Schiff Hardin (law firm)
Bank of America
Unicare (health insurance)
Latham & Watkins (law firm)
Chubb (insurance)
Tressler Soderstrom (law firm)
Marshall Gerstein (law firm)
Heidrick & Struggles (executive recruiting)
CATS/Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission
Metropolitan Club (private club)
SPSS (software)
Celtic Life Insurance
Korn/Ferry (executive recruiting)
HSA Comm. Real Estate
Choice Parts
Giuliani Capital Advisers

What'u smokin' Willis?
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Very funny. . . like anyone can actually get IN to the lobby.
There's a salon in the retail concourse in the lobby. Get an appointment there. You're not getting this information online. You have to work for it

A Cut Above Salon
233 South Wacker Drive
Telephone: (312) 993-0440
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Does anyone know where I could find a list of companies that are located in the Sears Tower?
The building has undergone a great deal of distress financially and physically, resulting in a string of changes in ownership and name. It went from Sear Tower to John Hancock Tower to Willis Tower, and now to simply 875 N Michigan Ave, because the 'name' itself, is now for sale. Because of all this, there appears to be no online directory, and indeed, there is a lot of empty space in the building; such a directory would likely be embarrassing and diminish interest in becoming a tenant.
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