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#Complete - Beirut: "Sky Gate" | 44F Res

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Sky Gates distinctive design is a product of the renowned Architect, Nabil Gholam.
It will consist of 40 floors, built to the highest standards of quality, comfort and refinement. The building will be surrounded by over 3,500 m2 of lush gardens and landscaped areas, along with water features. The project will accommodate a first-class health club and fitness center, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna and steam rooms.

The tower is composed of the following four superposed blocks:

The first block (floors 1 to 9) will comprise two apartments per floor of 328 m2 and 402 m2 each.
The second block (floors 11 to 16) will comprise one duplex (floors 11-12) of 847 m2 (including 152 m2 of terraces), as well as simplexes of 404 m2 and 340 m2 .
The third block (floors 18 to 21) will comprise two duplexes (floors 18-19) with one of them benefiting from 74 m2 of terraces for a total area of 761 m2. This block also has simplexes of 328 m2 and 402 m2 on each of the 20th and 21st floors.
The fourth block (floors 23 to 40) will comprise simplexes of 375m2 and 750 m2 and a Penthouse with a total area of 1,491 m2 that will crown the top two floors.

It is worth mentioning that the simplex on the 23rd floor will benefit from a 105 m2 terrace. Starting on the sixth floor, apartments enjoy clear city and sea view and above the 10th floor, outstanding views of the city, the mountains and the Mediterranean.​


Sky Gate, a high-end residential tower, will be built on the highest point in Ashrafieh in a quiet upscale neighborhood. The property Sky Gate will be built on, lies between Georges Haimari Street on one side and Ashrafieh Street on the other. This distinguished residential tower will be located between “Tilal de Beyrouth” building and “Atomium Towers”, right behind Hotel Gabriel and a few steps away from ABC Mall.​

Developer- Mena Capital
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How disgusting!!! What is wrong with the people? Beirut is becoming the world's worst capital!

But isn't this where Icon tower was supposed to be?
This will look so hot at night! It will be Lebanon's tallest tower I think.

LeB.FR, what are you talking about? How could you not like this? What is wrong with this tower?
There's nothing wrong with the tower, but look at the location! This will ceate a huge concrete wall!
Oh damn! I didn't notice that its in Archafieh.
Your right. :/
This appears like it is near Icon, but not a replacement. But the architech seems to be NG!


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the building structure is really weird. it would be nicer if it was 1 straight tower.
But nothing is going to change especially after they won that award.
If its on the highest point of the acshraifeh it will look 200m + from far away.
Well,it's not really bad looking !!!!!

plus along with the Icon tower if it's ever going to be built, will make Achrefieh the highrise part of Beirut.
The height is not bad at should be around 170 meters. but not much glass involved :eek:hno: Sadly.unlike Icon tower.
There's nothing wrong with the tower, but look at the location! This will ceate a huge concrete wall!

If these two towers do get built that would really from one giant wall!
I want that to get built,Check this out :cheers:

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Visual orgasm!
New Renders:


More Info:

Size 53,000 m2 + 5 basments

Isn't that pool just perfect!!
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Latest News:

- Sky Gate: The distinguished design of this upscale residential tower was developed by architect Nabil Gholam, which won the "Highly commendable" (Second Best) Award for Tall Buildings at MIPIM in Cannes, has been approved by the Higher Authority of Planing. Development is to start later this year, for completion by the end of 2012.

Besides the foregoing projects, MENA Capital has recently acquired a strategically located property in Achrafieh to develop an upscale residential tower surrounded by over 2000 sqm of attractively landscaped gardens.

Several other projects are being considered in Lebanon, including new residential concepts and resorts.
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According to my calculations this building is around 160M tall which makes it one of the tallest buildings in Beirut
So should we change the status to UNDER-C?
i think we should wait a little here. it's more likely going to be built which is gr8 news,but it's definitely not U/C,yet.
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