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Client: Shaikh Ahmed Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum
Tower: 1B + G + M + 56F + 2S
Architect: Adnan Saffarini
Location: Next to Al Meraikhi Tower (2 plots from Shangri-La Hotel)

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Site as per April 6th:

Today, April 9th: Piling contractor is DELTA FOUNDATION CO.:

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For some reason I can't see any of your pics anymore
^^ Should be a Tinypic problem becouse I can't see them either, I couldn't see also some other pics (stored on Tinypic server) on another thread.
Come on!!! A render please!!!
didn't we have a thread for this plot?
please don't open double threads, i'm losing track!

good to see there is something happening now though
^^ No we didn't. We have mention this plot many time on the Dubai Gossip thread but no dedicated thread was open.

The only thread opened so far was for the plot next to No.1 Suites.

I'm refraining of opening threads until I see some kind of board with datas on site or the plot is really under construction.
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dubai flo did u suceeed in opening one if u do tell me how
The shoring and digging of a 3 meter hole is compleated. Of course it doesn't mean that they wouldn't go even deeper.
Guys any news on this tower, I meant rendering.

It seams that ZETAS has replaced DELTA as piling contractor, since now a ZETAS banner is hanging on the boarding of the tower. Maybe Delta wasn't up to the challenge.
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^^ Or maybe DELTA was contracted only for the shoring and excavation work.
Let's hope it will be this one :drool:

(Image taken from Architect's website)
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1 - 20 of 152 Posts
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