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Aspire Zone

I thought to have a thread for this might be usefull this is a very very Important project for Doha.

Aspire Zone Web Site

Master Plan

Aspire Zone is (approximately) a 240ha precinct that houses international standard sport stadiam, medical facilities, education services and sport academy, mosque, sports club, retail areas and parklands. It is located approximately 8km from Doha’s CBD
Aspire Zone is represented with strong landmarks that will be iconic in their design and function. Attached for reference is the Aspire Zone Masterplan. These landmarks consist of:

-ASPIRE Sports Academy

-Khalifa International Stadium

-The Dome

-Sports Science and Orthopedic Hospital

-Outdoor athletics warm-up track

-Aquatic Centre

-National Teams Super Club

-Women’s Club Sports Halls

-Ladies Club


-Leisure Land (Park lands)

-Retail zone (The Villagio)

-Aspire Zone Tower


Aspire Sports Academy

Ever since its inception , the ASPIRE Sports Academy has graduated significantly to the status of a signature institution that prop up the talent and impart scientific and systematic sports education and training to the aspirants. It offers a top-class training environment with hands on infrastructure and advanced devices, to include laboratory, auditorium, gymnasium, spacious class rooms, dormitory etc. The training programmes are scientifically designed and well calibrated keeping in mind the underlying philosophy of the academy to be a source of motivation for the yet untapped youngsters.
Featured in several blocks (A to F), the academy building houses four floors of accommodation for resident students. The other amenities include the spaces meant for the broader interaction of people such as auditorium, cafeteria and students recreation hall. The proximity of the academy to the ASPIRE Sports Hall gives the students community a chance for intensive practical training.
International expertise, latest know-how in sports and sophisticated physical infrastructure- all come face to face in ASPIRE Academy, where Qatar athletics’ brightest young talents are hammered into shape.

Aspire Academy Web Site

Aspire Sports Hall

The ASPIRE Sports Hall is multi-purpose sports hall with wide range corollaries. Offering finest venue for various sports and games items, this sports hall features a gymnasium with an audience seating capacity of 200 persons, Judo and Karate area with a viewer’s seating capacity of 150 persons, a fencing hall with a spectators seating capacity of 150 persons, a table tennis hall with squash court with an audience seating capacity of 500 persons, Olympic swimming and diving pools, a football court with a seating capacity of 200 persons and a host of other amenities. The total seating capacity of the sports hall is 3000. The support services include restaurants, changing rooms, cafeterias, shops museum, and technical support areas etc.


Khalifa International Stadium

With spectacular style and magnificent illumination, Khalifa Stadium has set a new benchmark for both architectural possibilities and the world class trimmings it encompasses. More than a stadium, it retains a unique style and aesthetic expression of its own and has now been a major feast to the eyes.
With up-to- the international mark features, Khalifa Stadium is fine-tuned to tap the potentials of the fast growing industry of sports. Its facilities are well-tailored to host major sports events of international standard, particularly football and athletics. While Doha strives for its world place in sports, there are signs that the Khalifa Stadium with its opulent belongings becomes the focal point and an integral component of that success.
The stadium possesses a capacity to accommodate 50,000 persons at a time. It is linked to a warm-up field and a building that consists of changing rooms through subways. There are two stands, West stand and East stand, of which the West stand has a new fabric roof thanks to upgrading work. The existing East stand also receives new façade uplift. There is a colossal arch that serves to be the crown for the stadium.
Equipped with the latest audio and video technology the stadium is one of the forerunners in this field. The enormous arch, that crowns the stadium, is not build solely for aesthetic purpose it holds lighting which can be manipulated to enhance the field lighting plays for celebrations. The arch supports also speakers system that enhance the acoustic by minimizing echoes.

Aspire Zone Tower

The 300-m-high Aspire Zone Tower, which now stands as the tallest building in Qatar. The skeleton of the structure will be clad in combination of glazing panels and architectural stainless steel mesh, which will be accentuated by state-of-the-art facade lighting.
This iconic structure crowned by a steel parabolic lattice structure that will be a backdrop for the 8- to 10-m-high gas flame torch, representing the largest Olympic flame in history, which will be kept alight for two weeks during the Asian Games. The gas flame burner will subsequently incorporate a laser light show, which will be visible throughout Doha and light up the city’s nigh sky, as a beacon of the nation’s ambitions.
The mixed-use tower, which features a 63-m-high atrium, has a VIP lounge, ballroom and conference centre on the lower levels. Above these is a five-star hotel accommodation, which is accessed by panoramic elevators. The central spine of the structure provides quick access to the other segments of the building that includes office suites, a health club with a cantilevered pool area, a self-contained presidential suite, a sports museum, a revolving restaurant, and a viewing deck, situated beneath the games flame candelabra that is encircled by a protective lattice structure.
The hotel accommodation comprises nine levels of 126 typical rooms, one level of junior suites comprising 10 rooms and office and health club levels. The Presidential Suite, which has its own internal staff and security points, features a rooftop garden and plunge pool area.
Continuing upwards at the top level at 215 m will be a revolving restaurant, which will be one of the highest in the world.

Aspire Tower Part 1
Aspire Tower Part 2

Hamad Aquatic Centre

The expansion of Hamad Aquatic Centre is themed around offering ultra-modern facilities for water sports on a whole new level. This fully-fledged aquatic complex expected to be among the best in the continent on expansion, presents extensive facilities for swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo. The expansion project also involves enhancing the strength of the gallery to accommodate 3000 persons against previous capacity of 1500 persons.

National Team Club

The idea behind the establishment of National Team Club is to provide an interactive space for coaching, training and recreation facilities. Ground floor houses library, seminar halls, amusement hall, multipurpose hall, majlis, lounge, changing rooms and toilets. The first floor contains conference rooms, seminar halls, library, cafeteria, pantry etc. It comprises a curvilinear steel roof structure and curtain-wall glazed façade.


The Mosque provides facilities for 700 men and 150 women to offer namaz. The building is designed with architectural elements that portray dynamic movement, as associated with sporting activities, and is the most appropriate form in expressing the sports facilities around. Aluminum cladding stainless steel doors in enable a setting appropriate to the Aspire Zone image.

Qatar Orthopedic And Sports Medical Center

The proposed facility will be a fully integrated Orthopedic and Sports Medical Center (qosmc), which will offer comprehensive diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy services associated with diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries. The facility comprises a 100 bed inpatient facility, as well as outpatient facilities to process 200 patients per day. It also provides recreation and relaxation facilities for patients and members of the sporting community. Included are also administrative and executive facilities required to operate the Hospital. A Norma-baric floor area that provides high altitude simulated conditions for the training of sportsmen will also be available

Womens Sports Indoor Hall

This Women’s Sports Hall is designed to provide indoor facilities for Basketball, Handball, and Volleyball etc. The size of court is around 30X50m with a height of 28m. The sports hall does have a gallery to accommodate 2000 viewers and additional seating for about 500 persons. It also has a warm-up hall of 1200sm area and a ceiling height of 12m.
The facility is designed on three levels Basement, Ground and First Floor. The basement floor is the level at which the playing field is located and also contains the changing rooms and lockers and showers for the players/participants. This level is also connected to the warm-up-hall. Other facilities like storage areas, mechanical rooms, referee’s offices are located on this floor.

Women's Club

The women's club is the first of its kind in the country and possibly in the gulf – that has been specially designed keeping in mind the recreational needs of Doha's women.
In a bid to create a relaxing meeting place with all indoor and outdoor sport facilities that a modern club should possess, the dedicated facility includes a health spa, business centre, library, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, squash courts, hair dresser and beauty parlour, restaurant and café.
The Doha women's clubhouse, which has been described as ladies hair clip, has three levels: a basement level where all support services such as the main kitchen, employee café and power supply are located; the ground floor, which has the main entrance to the club, the tennis courts, multi-purpose hall, ballroom, kids area, swimming pool, squash and racket ball courts and jogging track; and the first floor comprising the cafeteria, fitness area, massage centre, Jacuzzi, Rasul bath, sauna and plunge pool and library.

Villagio Shopping Mall

Villagio Shopping Mall, on its completion, is expected to become an unrivalled shopping mall of this sort in Qatar. Simultaneous to providing a unique shopping experience it will offer the best in entertainment and choices in brand names. This building, which is developed by a private investor, is most likely to be included into the master plan for developing business premises in the near future.

Villaggio Mall Web Site
Villaggio Mall


The development and management of Aspire Zone is characterised by significant change from a refurbished sports precinct to one comprising internationally designed venues and services.
Qatar is an expanding country. The capital, Doha, is an expanding city and boasts some of the world’s finest and futuristic venues and services. The city is complemented by existing infrastructure in the retail, commercial, leisure, tourism, education, health services and sport, and will experience further expansion with the development of the new Doha International Airport, Pearl development, library and cultural centre.
On top of this is the staging of the 2006 Doha Asian Games which will not only present world class sport and entertainment. Aspire Zone will be the main sport and entertainment precinct for the 2006 Asian Games.
The transformation of a site that accommodated only Khalifa Stadium and the Hamad Aquatic Centre to a truly international destination for sport, entertainment, leisure and recreation, health, sports medicine and science that is supported by internationally acclaimed stadia designs and services, Aspire Zone is one of the world leaders.
Aspire Zone will provide Qatar – Doha with a sustainable solution to engage with local, regional and international markets. Aspire Zone is: ……….“a place for all to enjoy”.
Aspire Zone will also be the primary destination for the 2006 Asian Games, thus positioning Aspire Zone as a global force in the fields of sport, events, education, leisure and recreation, health and wellness, sports science and medicine, and tourism.
Aspire Zone is responding by developing operational processes and identifying initiatives that will support goals.
This Plan shows the way forward as an organisation seeking continuous improvement to position Aspire Zone “as a place for all”. With this comes opportunities to develop better business processes and provide a better outcome for our partners, the Qatar Government, stakeholders, the community and markets (locally and internationally).

I made a map of Aspire Zone to show the location of the buildings


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Aspire - Facilities

World-class athletes need world-class facilities. ASPIRE will offer that and more.

The international-standard training facilities listed below are complemented by the latest top-notch sport methodology, as well as outstanding medical, biomechanical and social services.

Inside the "Dome":

- State-of-the-art sports science labs with High Altitude Labs, Movement Analysis Labs, Power-Analysis Labs, Physiological Labs, Sports Equipment Labs, a Mechanical and Electronical Workshop, and more...

- State-of-the-art fitness halls

- State-of-the-art Physiopherapy/Medical Centre

- 1 Football pitch (official size)

- 1 small Football field

- 1 Athletics track (200m) with other facilities (long-jump, pole-vault, throwing, etc)

- 1 Olympic Swimming and Diving pool

- 1 Gymnastics hall

- 1 Sports Games hall

- 13 Table-Tennis courts

- 3 Contact Sports mats (Judo, Teakwondo ...)

- 8 Fencing strips

- 2 Squash courts

Outside Facilities:

- 7 Football pitches (2 artificial, 5 natural grass)

- 1 Goal-Keeper training area

- 1 Fitness court -1 Running track

- 2 Tennis courts
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