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#COMPLETED-Beirut: "580 Residence" | 17F Res

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580 Residence

Mina El Hosn - Beirut, Lebanon

Located on a hill overlooking Solidere the Marina and the mountains, Mina El Hosn Residence is a blend of Elegance, Style, Design and Technology.

  • A total of 25 units with three elevators.
  • Two three-Bedrooms apartment per floor from 1st floor to 7th floor.
  • One four Bedroom apartment per floor from 8th to 15th.
  • One duplex on the 16th and 17th floor.
  • Delivery: June 2007
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There really should be a rule about the rear facades of towers.

From the 70's style annex to the St. Georges Hotel, to the monsters on the Corniche, to the thin flatiron near Raouche to this one, and probably many more that people can cite, there is a disturbing lack of any consideration for the effect on the neighbors of having a huge 15 or 20 storey blank wall raised right in your face(vs what used to be a view of the sea or sky). Bad enough now, when the building is new; imagine what the blank back will look like after a few years...
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