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#COMPLETED-Beirut: "Astoria" | 20F Res

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Beirut, Lebanon

Accessing ASTORIA, one has a feel of infusion. Gardens & water cascade mesh to form a oneness between structure and environment.

The state of the art residential tower has 20 floors divied up between two identical blocks, but entirely independent.

Situated between Raouche and Ain ElMraiseh, the ASTORIA building towers over the Mediterranean and rests along the most famous seaside corniche in Beirut.

Ideally located within walking distance from Hamra, Raouche, the hotel district and Down Town, this imposing residential tower enjoys, besides the panoramic view, proximity to the most sought-after outlets in the city.

It lies within a wide array of restaurants, supermarkets, and is in the vicinity of major universities and hospitals.

There is an apartment on each landing, with breathtaking 360 degree views and private gardens.​

Floor Plan

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its a nice Building right next to a green park my bet that park will be become another tower
I would have though the green mesh will have been taken off by now
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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