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#COMPLETED-Beirut: "Saifi Homes" | 16F Res - 55m

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Saifi Homes

Beirut, Lebanon

(aka Startum Saifi 584)

55 m, 16-Storey Elegant Residential Tower

Located in the heart of Beirut, at the border of Solidere & just steps away from the charming Gemmayzeh Street, SAIFI HOMES offers you the opportunity to live elegantly in the Middle-East’s most vibrant city for shopping, entertainment & business.

Designed by ABRAJ LUBNAN in collaboration with Pierre El Khoury Architects, SAIFI HOMES is an elegant residence-only tower boasting 16 stories of functionally designed deluxe apartments. Those come in 3 bedroom (270m² & 320m²) & 4 bedroom (445m²) sizes, with various other combination options possible.

Project Cost: $7.5 Million
Status: Under Construction
Expected Completion Date: October 2008



Nahr Ibrahim Street with Youssef Hani Street

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No further info is available. As soon as I get, I update the post.
Very nice project... is this one of the currently unidentified U/C buildings in the Saifi area?
^^No Beirut!, this is not one of those.

This plot of land is about 300-500 metres away from those ones.
^^ Is any above-ground construction noticeable at the time?
I haven't been to the area, but as I mentioned in the introductory post, construction started last month (April 2007). So I presume nothing is noticeable.
The view from this building is amazing, hopefully nothing blocks it.
well eventualy, the parking lots (and tennis courts) will be built on, so the view wont last!
Developer update- This project is "way under construction" and will be ready by October 2008. he is sending me floorplans once he returns to Beirut end of next week.
^^ Thanks for the update, but I dont really understand what he means by "way u/c" (how many floors completed?) - especially since Nareg said that construction only began a month ago. In any case, its nice to see so many Saifi highrises moving along fast.
Beirut! I think he just meant construction is underway...This is the same developer as Grand Tower...there taking a slow approach on that one- but still in design phase..At least things are moving on both..
Total covered area : 10 000 m2.
Total Height : 55 m from ground level.
Total Quantity of concrete to be poured : 6 000 m3.
Here are some images (not mine).


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The Raft foundation in "Startum Project- Saifi 584" was casted on the end of May 2007 at the rate of 150 m3/hour and for a total of 1200 m3

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wow! that's very fast! i hope they continue at this rate
NIce..Everytime i see these big holes i always wonder and worry about the archaeology

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^^ Can we please from now on save Matta images to photobucket (etc) for posting in the forums. This is because the links may break sometime, as they have in the past. Thanks!
I was thinking the same thing,but i was too lazy to do it :D
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