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#COMPLETED: CREEKSIDE 18, 2x150m+, 2x43F, Res (DCH)

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we seem to have missed this 2-tower project on the forum, but it is already U/C



Construction Update (Nov. 17):

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@The-King: can you share more details please. where is location of this project?
according to Dubai Land Department the buildings configuration is as follows:
Tower A: 2B+G+3P+37F+2R
Tower B: 2B+G+3P+37F+2R

Therefor title can be changed to:
#UNDER C: CREEKSIDE 18, 2x150m+, 2x43F, Res (DCH)

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on the latest upfates in the main thread it seems that these two are now almost topped out (just decorative fins missing)
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This one was (is?) supposed to hand over 31st May. In January it was 96% complete according to the project update here.

A7R, thanks for taking all these DCH pics!
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