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This is exactly the old skate park site, just next to Al Marsa Tower, but not attached to it. Dennis saw first 2 billboards going up there, I saw that they were for DAMAC and Beiklopa saw that there was also a render for a very tall tower.

There are 4 DAMAC boards now around the site, two facing the road and two others on the back, near the back of Emaar Sales Center.

This is the board:

See Al Marsa's project board in the background, also see carefully the render below: you can see that there is water in front (Marina) and also in the back and you can even see the Palm in the background. Everythings matches perfectly. Remember also that markmyword hinted that DAMAC will build another supertall in the Marina

I counted 85 Floors. :eek:
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But i have seen vehicles going in and out.

Are they using this as a passage to reach infinity site ?
Yes, and using the plot to store their equipment, deposit excavated sand, etc.
The guys doing infinity tower have probably been told to piss off since they've left the site. That means work might start on this soon enough.

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Wouldnt it make more sense to do their foundations together?
^^ If the plots belonged to the same owner and project, then yes. But since it isn't the case, then obviously ... No.
Damac in deal with Zetas ATS

Damac Properties has appointed Zetas ATS Foundation Technology as the enabling works contractor for its Damac Heights project, located in Dubai Marina.

The enabling works will begin this month on the 98-storey residential tower with completion scheduled for June 2009. This brings the total value of the nine contracts awarded by Damac so far in 2008 to over Dh1.14 billion.

Speaking about the contract, Peter Riddoch, CEO of Damac Properties, said: "Delivery is the most important aspect of a real estate deal. The UAE's property boom has lead to a high demand and shortage of construction facilities. To overcome this challenge, Damac is employing extra resources to ensure our customers get their homes as quickly as possible.

"Work is in progress in all of our projects; this year alone we have awarded contracts for nine projects and we will be awarding more contracts in the near future."

Earlier this month, Damac announced its plans to deliver over 2300 units in 2008, followed by an additional 7100 units in 2009/10.

"Zetas has a reputation for delivering quality and efficiency and Aedas, our concept architects for this project, is a firm recognised worldwide for their creative building designs. Both our partners on this project have extensive experience and high credibility and we are confident that this expertise will assist us to deliver a unique, high-end project," Riddoch said.

A private sector company, Damac Holding has now grown into a global conglomerate with more than 7,000 employees in 18 countries.
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Interesting....i thought nothing could happen there until Infinity was at least above ground level.
Plot 16.07.2008

Pic from MisterMark :eek:kay:

Interesting....i thought nothing could happen there until Infinity was at least above ground level.
I don't think that's true. Marina 101 and Sulafa tower were being worked on when they were both at ground level. Here though the infinity crew have a load of rebar on this site.
Look at all the strouts towards the infinity site. If they want to start shoring and excavation now, it will be VERY expensive because they have to include the forces coming from infinity through the strouts. I guess they have to wait for infinity being over ground level before they can start properly. Because then infinity can hold back the Marina from flooding it's basements on his own... :)
They just took down the big DAMAC sign board and demolished the small wall....Activity has started today on the DAMAC site next to Infinity.
Height of 460 meters???
No, height of sheer incompetence.
Completition March 2009, as for an ad in Gulf News selling ... office space in the tower. :lol:
How much of the tower will be office space? With the trend of this and MST offices the marina will become business bay 2.
Piling? Don't they have to dig the hole first?
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