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TOWERS: Bahrain Sheraton City Gardens
CLIENT: Confidential
FEATURES: 240m height twin office towers
New shopping mall, anchor tenant, garden court, food outlets
STATUS: Preliminary Design

After successful completion of the final masterplan for the redevelopment of the Bahrain City Gardens site, Atkins has now been appointed to further develop the masterplan and provide complete design consultancy services for this prestigious project.

New Shopping Mall:
This is designed as a single storey extension to the existing shopping mall, keeping in mind the objective of creating additional boutiques, incorporating the same building heights, spatial parameters, mall widths and shop sizes.

Anchor Tenant:
An exclusive showroom for an anchor tenant occupies the entire area between the two pedestrian spines to the front of the mall. A private VIP lift lobby with dedicated VIP parking bays is provided in the basement for exclusive use of select customers to the anchor shop.

Garden Court:
A spectacular sky-lit, circular, indoor courtyard garden forms the centerpiece of both malls, also serving as an air-conditioned transition space between the Malls and the Sheraton Hotel.

Office Towers:
Twin office towers are designed flanking the main entrance facing King Faisal Highway. These landmark towers are 240m in height and each comprise 45 usable office floors. An exclusive, executive health club, a business centre and cafeteria are located at the podium level, within the footprint of these towers. Entrance drop-offs are provided both at ground floor and at podium level (dedicated for towers).

A study is also underway on the feasibility of providing three 30m-diameter wind turbines suspended between the towers which will produce an environmentally friendly energy resource for the building.

Car Parking:
The car parking requirement for the new mall and office towers is calculated at 1,335 bays. Approximately 305 bays presently serving the existing mall and offices. The new design can accommodate up to 1,670 cars inclusive of 1,175 covered spaces and 473 open parking. A dedicated 3-storey parking structure is planned to the southwest of the development. The basement and upper most level (level + 7.0) of this garage will extend over the entire footprint of the new development.

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well it's the existing bahrain commercial complext also known as the sheraton, and the towers are going to expand on what already exists so it will be huge. I always told my parents when i was a kid that the area (now the construction site) that was a huge carpark and had trees should be utilized to build towers and expand the mall, and hey somebody listened :)

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City Gardens in spotlight

An exciting new promotion is being been planned for the Manama's City Gardens shopping centre, a meeting was told.

Te complex is currently under development and work has already started to create two new 42-storey office blocks at the site as well as over 100 new shops.

The inaugural meeting of a Retail Tenants Forum (RTF) of City Gardens took place at the Sheraton Hotel.

The RTF has been implemented by DTZ Bahrain, the centre's new property management company.

The owners have appointed DTZ to help positive interaction between the tenants and the owners of the centre.

Cliff Langford, head of property management at DTZ, said: "DTZ manages very many properties world wide and puts great importance on communicating professionally with its tenants.

"By creating this RTF we are giving the tenants the opportunity to be interactive and helping them work together to create strategies for promoting the centre both locally and regionally and to ensure that they take full advantage of the future developments currently under progress at the site."

Construction has already started on the twin tower development, which is due to be completed in the summer of 2006.

Twelve tenants formed the main structure of the committee.

Langford and Carol Melrose, managing director of Contact Communications, the appointed marketing consultants for the complex, attended in an advisory role.

Langford explained briefly the objective of forming such an association.

He said: "It is important that all tenants use this meeting as platform to air their views about the running of the centre and to provide new ideas for its development.

"At the same time, the centre is under development and the facilities being added will ensure that it will maintain its position of being the most exclusive mall in Bahrain."

The committee also discussed plans for opening and entertaining during Ramadan as well as an exciting new promotion, which has been planned for the mall.

The association will encourage all tenants to become members and work towards mutually agreed strategic objectives with the aim of promoting unity and building networks to enhance the business prospects for the complex.

The RTF will be working closely with Contact Communications to implement a unified owner and tenant marketing and promotion strategy for the shopping centre during the development process to maximise awareness and footfall.

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tradearabia is excellent, one of the best sites u can get for information, in some ways its even better than ameinfo, but what i meant is that everytime you hear a different number of floors. In one article i read, they want to rename the project and brand it as Bahrain World Trade Center and they said it was 50 floors, so hehe we'll have to wait and c, hopefully it stays 240 m.
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