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Completed: Doha Cultural Village

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Ok!! Haven't seen any thread for this project. If there is one, then please Halawala, merge it! :D

Master Planning for Doha Cultural Village
Doha, Qatar

Cansult Maunsell was commissioned by the Doha Cultural village committee on behalf of H.H the Crown Prince to undertake the master planning, design, and construction management and supervision of this prestigious development in Doha.

The Cultural Village is located in the West Bay area of Doha with a total area of 99 hectares. The project was conceptualised to reflect the heritage of Qatar through traditional architecture that accommodates a large number of activities arranged in such a way as to reflect a historical and cultural theme throughout. In addition to theatres, libraries, art galleries and museums the Cultural Village includes an amphitheatre, heritage centres, and other academic facilities.

Cansult Maunsell has carried out the complete design of 40 different low-rise buildings together with a large amphitheatre, which will be the main feature of the village. The surrounding buildings will be used as retail outlets, coffee shops, museum facilities and market areas all designed to complement the historic theme of the site. The site is to be built on reclaimed coastal land to the north of Doha. The site was filled with imported fill to raise the height of the buildings and the amphitheatre, thus creating an enclosed traditional hillside community theme to the development.

Cansult Maunsell has also carried out the complete infrastructure works of this project, including bulk earthworks, access roads and internal roads, surface parking, landscaping, power supply, external lighting, irrigation and potable water network, fire fighting, sewerage network, stormwater drainage, telecommunication and marine works.

The project is currently being constructed under Cansult Maunsell supervision and construction management at a total construction value of US$82million.
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I remembered this pic from the Lagoon Plaza thread:

Very advanced, and that pic is months old!
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^^ Awesome catch!!!

Construction is very advanced.. but still, I think they are moving slow.
i know where it is on google earth always wondred what that was !!!

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Amazing pic! Looking sick from above!!
Thanks Bert :)

Jaw-dropping pic!!!!!!!!!!
Looks wonderful!!!! Thanks for sharing!
Well well well, look what I have found ... This project is a lot larger than any of us had given credit for. Enjoy!

Check out the link :
thanks alot for the update davy boy :)
Thanks davyboy that's a nice file!
Below are some of the interesting pics.
I wish they showed the kind of stadium/theater, I'm really curious about it.
First time I see these 'birds towers', interesting, maybe a future tower concept, after the barjeel and the oryx?? :):tongue3:

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wow thanks for the pictures masilia is that a mosque if it is it looks small for a big project
no i think its a cultural birds house kind a thingy.........
not that one picture 2 and 3 is i think a mosque i can see the manaret
ohh okay....then yeah its a mosque.......looool and yea i agree, it does look small for such a project
I love it!! But i hate the name, how many cultural villages do we have in the GulF?

Seriously! call it something unique and very traditional.
yeah like remember this Dana show used to be on Qatar TV..........that show was so rich in cultural information and so informative...........i think they should give it a unique cultural name as well............
like what qatari heritige village ???

be sides i like this one more than any other one in the gulf :D
very similar to the heritage souq.... same kinda
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