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you know I live in Dubai right? :) these images are for marketing purposes so yeah photoshop played a role in them, including myself, many visited and saw the beautiful quality of the hotel lol .. its to die for.

Why you are defending this tower so much? are you involved in it somehow?
Gabriel, I am not involved in the hotel in the slightest, and I also don't think I am defending it too much. I would just like the criticism to be warranted and fair, and not simply bashing for the sake of bashing.

This tower became the laughing stock of the forums long ago because of the lagging construction and random and crappy exterior - rightly so, but I feel that the interiors as I can see them on the pics are way better than what is there on the outside, yet hating keeps on coming. No one gave any explanation either - just that is shit design, definition of kitsch and "falling apart". These are strong words I believe, so they would require some explanation and not just "lol it's crap this tower stinks" kind of response.

I do know that you live in Dubai, hence I am asking these questions. How would I know if you visited the hotel and seen it first hand or not? I am using the sources I have - pictures, tripadvisor reviews and such. That is why I was asking where the criticism comes from to the likes of you, people who CAN see it first hand.
901 - 903 of 903 Posts