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#COMPLETED :"Golden Tulip Hotel"?F,?M

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Project: Golden Tulip Hotel
Purpose: Hotel
Owner: Al-Shahed real estate Co.
Location: Salmiyah, Blajat Street
Manager: Kuwait Madakhel realestate Group
Consultants: Aljasaar
Design: Dar Saleh Al-Qallaf
Floors: ?


Info. board

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Great location :eek:kay:

this hotel burned, when they build the first 10th floors :bash:
lol,,, really !!! didn't know that :S
Wonderful Location
hideous design :eek:hno:

I talked to some one who works their...

He said it is called ,,, Al-Shahed Hotel,,,(A 5 star hote).

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i told ya dhari :p
this one looks much better in reality
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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