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Prince Sultan Gives Green Light to Jeddah Raceway
Saleh Fareed, Arab News

Photo shows a perspective of the Jeddah Raceway.

JEDDAH, 11 May 2006 — To fasttrack the promotion of motor sports in the Kingdom, Prince Sultan ibn Fahd, president of General Presidency of Youth Welfare, has issued the first permit for Saudi Arabia’s FIA authorized motor sport venue in the Kingdom.

The official approval for Jeddah Raceway, considered as the first and largest project of its kind in Saudi Arabia, came after complying with FIA and Presidency’s rules and regulations according to Abdullah Al-Zamil, president of private clubs at the Presidency of Youth and Welfare.

He said “The go ahead of Prince Sultan to the first of its kind motor sport circuit in the Kingdom is considered as historical toward the development of motor sports in the Kingdom. The government has decided to go ahead with the track because it saw a number of benefits for the youth and country’s economy”

He pointed out that the support of the Saudi government proves their concern to provide such safe sites where youth could practice their hobbies and also their aim to bring more Saudi talent in motoring to represent the country regionally and internationally.

After his visit to the new site of Jeddah Raceway which will be inaugurated next month, Al Zamil said “ I saw that the project will further elevate the Kingdom’s reputation as a leading motor sports destination in the region and enhance Jeddah’s stature as a modern Arab city.”

United Racing Company Chairman Prince Faisal ibn Saud ibn AbdulMohsen expressed his gratitude to Prince Sultan for permiting Jeddah Raceway to kick off its activities to promote the increasing passion for motor sports among Saudi youth, adding that he hoped the project would also further encourage young Saudis to hone their racing skills in a safer, controlled environment, without jeopardizing road safety.

“Jeddah Raceway will be home to some of the best sporting action through a regular calendar of racing activities. It will also enable sports enthusiasts to enjoy a ringside view of the spectacular motor sports experiences,” he pointed out.


Sorry for creating another thread for this project... I'm too lazy to find the original one. :)
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