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Hey fellas, well here is the second pary. Enjoy :).

The old thread is here:

To start off, those pics below are courtesy of erratic:

More to come later ;).
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Ok here is a recent pic by missyalikat:

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One of the dual towers (pic by Huda). I like it :).

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The only thing i dislike about BFH is that the exterior is going to look the same on all the buildings set there...
like it..will this be having a sky bridge connecting to the centre piece between the two towers?
I was just thinking about why the reclamation for phase3 looks different from the renders, like there is a big chunk missing! Anyway I think that maybe bahrain bay are going to take care of the rest of it when they connect the two projects together :)
I still say all the buildings having the same exterior is a bad idea...It can be more beautiful.
Cool pics. Last shot tells you how much manama has changed.
with the dual towers almost finished, time to move on to the diamond tower.

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I loveee this tower! it looks soo sleek..When does construction start?
i think u can find it one of the articles in the old thread..but i cant really remember right now...BSpirit please put a link to the old thread in the first post so users dont ahve to dig it up.
This tower will be the best in the whole BFH development. I think it should start construction sometime in the next few months when they finish the final phase of reclamation.

Oh and about the old thread, already done :).
yeah i was reading old articles and it said phase two was scheduled to finish in aprl 2006 but they have already finished phase3 by the looks of it!!

So I think they are ahead of schedule....heres that old article if u wanna re-read it
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