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Name: Marina Mall Hotel & Residences
Floors: ?
Height: ?
Use: Mix

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The gourmet tower and the cinema news are simply wanking material! :banana:

The Marina will be stunning!
Marina Mall Towers rising

Photo from flickr, taken from the "first" bridge:
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Good progress

I cant wait for the Gourmet-Tower :eat:
I will spend sooo much time and $$ here once it is finished! I am even thinking of just ripping my kitchen out to create extra space since I will be at the gourmet tower every day of the week!

The key for the tower to succeed is the license. A lot of restaurants along marina walk seem to fail because there is none so clients go to the hotel restaurants (My favorite is the Italian at the Ritz Carlton).

Not that I need to have a drink when having dinner but the thought of having a FANTA or a COLA with my lobster is just horrorfying!
Gourmet tower restaurants will be licensed but other Marina ones will not be unless there is a physical connection to a hotel. So some in JBR walk and in the basements of the hotel towers will also be licensed.

Marina Mall progress on the 29th November:

For info it took approx twenty minutes to walk here from MH.
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Thanks for all your fantastic photo up dates!!!!

From Flickr
Taken with a Sony DSC-F828.
Taken on December 5, 2006
Uploaded on December 6, 2006 by peej5733
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Thank you Dubsi for the nice shots.R U Imre's clon ? :)
awesome shot that last one
Wow . . I agree, what a great photo :banana:
Thanks Alt-Tab - great photo. This project is moving at an amazing exciting!
well u would better look mine guys i got as these shotssss..but nice man good pix ..:D
281 - 300 of 1568 Posts
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