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[COMPLETED] New National Stadium & Sports Hub @ Kallang

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Posted: 17 November 2004 1704 hrs

No temporary stadium when National Stadium is demolished
By S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: There are no plans to build a temporary stadium in place of the National Stadium at Kallang when it is demolished for the building of the new sports hub.

The Acting Minister for the Community Development, Youth and Sports says Singapore also does not need an intermediate size stadium for the moment.

Replying to questions in Parliament, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan stressed what's needed is the optimal use of the existing regional stadiums in Singapore for sporting and other activities.

He said: "The Ministry will work to ensure that the facilities are affordable. But having said that, you also have to bear in mind that at the end of the day someone still has to pay for it. It is a question of how much the user will pay versus how much you want the taxpayers to pay. Our prime focus should be to get the overall cost down and we can do that best by running things cost- efficiently."

As for the sports hub, tenders will be called next year and construction start in 2007.

It should be completed by 2010.
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Think unique for stadium
Straits Times, Nov 20, 2004

AFTER a tidy sum was spent on the Esplanade performing arts centre, a sports complex of comparable scale is a natural addition to the upgrading of Singapore's leisure infrastructure. Tenders will be called next year for the $650 million complex to go up where the rundown National Stadium stands. By 2010, about the time the MRT Circle Line with a Stadium station is operating, the deserted patch in Kallang should come to life with sports events and rock concerts, clubs and eateries, and specialised shopping. The Indoor Stadium and Kallang Theatre across the road can expect to receive better bookings and attendances, too, as this will be a cluster well served by the all-important rail transport. But, a word of caution. The Durian is justifying its vast expense of $630 million (not counting the prime waterfront land it occupies) with diverse programming that serves both community needs and arts consumers. Since it opened two years ago, Singaporeans who have seldom attended multi-ethnic musical events and shows have got to know the Durian well. For dedicated arts lovers, outstanding acts in music and dance are becoming regular fare. World renowned performers come here for the Esplanade alone, as they have heard about its great acoustic and ultra-modern design. The Durian is serving its purpose, although it still needs state support.

The stadium complex in contrast could suffer the chronic under-capacity that afflicts sports projects the world over. The present National Stadium has been vacant more often than was gainfully occupied in its three decades. The full-house period of Malaysia Cup football, the South-east Asia Games and National Day parades were its red-letter days. These were all too few. This is not to dispute the need for a new-generation stadium. What should preoccupy the planners and the chosen builders is ideas on making better use of the new National Stadium than is conventionally thought possible. The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports wants wider access to its facilities for the community. This is a start. One design innovation that can have far-reaching benefit is to convert the stadium into exhibition space, to supplement the Expo halls and Suntec City. An artificial pitch and a retractable roof would be necessary investments in a high-tech configuration. The design brief for tenderers has to move away from the traditional and parochial, towards modular functions.,5562,286020,00.html?
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