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Which stadium design do you like?

  • Pillow-Shaped Stadium by Alpine Consortium

    Votes: 12 27.3%
  • Horseshoe Shaped Stadium by SingaporeGold Consortium

    Votes: 10 22.7%
  • Dome-Shaped Stadium by Singapore Sports Hub Consortium

    Votes: 22 50.0%

[COMPLETED] New National Stadium & Sports Hub @ Kallang

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Posted: 17 November 2004 1704 hrs

No temporary stadium when National Stadium is demolished
By S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: There are no plans to build a temporary stadium in place of the National Stadium at Kallang when it is demolished for the building of the new sports hub.

The Acting Minister for the Community Development, Youth and Sports says Singapore also does not need an intermediate size stadium for the moment.

Replying to questions in Parliament, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan stressed what's needed is the optimal use of the existing regional stadiums in Singapore for sporting and other activities.

He said: "The Ministry will work to ensure that the facilities are affordable. But having said that, you also have to bear in mind that at the end of the day someone still has to pay for it. It is a question of how much the user will pay versus how much you want the taxpayers to pay. Our prime focus should be to get the overall cost down and we can do that best by running things cost- efficiently."

As for the sports hub, tenders will be called next year and construction start in 2007.

It should be completed by 2010.
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Bold and beautiful?? Centrepiece?? Hmm.....we shall see when they release the design......:yes:
you never know..
Singapore - City of UFOs!!! :D

The first city on earth to be colonized by aliens! :lol: designs yet ah?
No lah... ask Cliff or Kit to design one for us now.... :D
huaiwei said: designs yet ah?
Oh chey I tot the design come out liao. Anyway maybe the stadium will be like the inverted design of the indoor stadium...with convex roofs so that the whole thing is shaped like a bao. :D
Of course not... it hasn't even started the pre-qualification stage.
huaiwei said: designs yet ah?
Tot its the PAP style mah....they come up with the asking for construction company to build. :D
Business Times - 05 Apr 2005

S'pore invites tenders for $650m sports centre

SINGAPORE - Singapore has invited prospective bidders to build a S$650 million (US$400 million) sports centre, the Government said on Tuesday.

The proposed Sports Hub, which would be the Republic's largest sports and leisure development, will be situated on a 35-ha site on the outskirts of the business district.

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports said in a statement that the sports centre will be a 'national icon' that would cater to international sporting and entertainment events.

Its centrepiece will be a 55,000-capacity stadium featuring a retractable roof, set to replace the existing National Stadium built in 1973.

A new 6,000 capacity multi-purpose indoor arena, as well as other leisure and commercial developments, will also be built in the surrounding area.

The Government hopes to select a successful bidder in September next year.

Construction work on the project will commence in 2007 and is expected to be completed by 2010.

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pay peanut = you get monkey

pay $600 million = you get 2 durians (Esplanade)

pay $650 million & what do you get? 2 rambutans (shape of the new sports hub)? :hahaha: :hahaha:
China already has the bird's nest stadium
Mosquito net may be. This design will be "uniquely Singapore" because only tropical country like us use mosquito net.
Have it like the Paris Aquarium design. Organic and fluid.
Will it have roof and double layer of seating?
How about one which looks like ang gu kuay?
41 - 60 of 1378 Posts