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Project: Unnamed Damac Towers
Location: Al Shams and Al Raha
Developer: DAMAC
Status: Approved
Floor count: ?
Heights: ?
Construction start: ?
Construction end: ?

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Damac to enter AD property

Leading Dubai based private developer Damac Properties is to announce its first projects in Abu Dhabi this week. The two waterfront projects are mixed-use projects in Al Shams and Al Raha and will be iconic and futuristic, according to a teaser advertisement in Gulf News.
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Wow..that's cool. Damac entering the AD market. Just as well, coz then, when in the year 2041, when I need a retirement home, they'll have just about got the tower ready for me to move in! Great! :)
Damac Properties enters Abu Dhabi

Dubai: Damac Properties yesterday launched two projects in Abu Dhabi, marking its entrance into the emirate.

Dolphin Towers, a three-tower structure, including 400 one-, two-, and three-bedroom luxury condominiums and 10 sea-facing townhouses, will be located at the Al Raha beach development.

Oceanscape, a mixed-use undertaking, including 184 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments with state of the art finishing and eight townhouses, is due to be positioned on Al Reem Island.

The Dubai-based real estate company has arranged with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) to provide 90 per cent mortgage financing for 25 years. Buyers in both properties will have to pay a Dh500 monthly installment throughout the period of construction.

Damac Properties, in association with Union National Bank (UNB), will also provide 90 per cent mortgage financing for 25 years.

Hussain Sajwani, chairman of Damac Holding, said in a statement yesterday, "Our 'double debut' in Abu Dhabi is a natural progression towards a prosperous future for Damac Properties due to the strong growth potential of the Abu Dhabi real estate market."

The value of Damac Properties projects is over Dh10 billion.
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Looks like they took ur idea while naming the tower flo :rofl:
If all of Damac's projects ever see daylight... I must Damac will be known as the developer with the most beautiful buildings...
these are not too great..
but could be very impressive once done.

anyway, they should be called the waves, much better than the ones in dubai marina. and they look like waves.

oceanscape... just because marinascape is such a great project ;)
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looks like we got the best canceled design from dubai according to markmywords ;)

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:banana: :cucumber: :drunk: :booze: :tongue4: :cheer: :cheers1: :baeh3:
^^ r u happy because u got some damac projects...

have fun with them, we don't want such cheap ass projects in Dubai anyway ;)

hehe... no seriously glad this one gets built, really great design.
just curious if it will be finished before the oil runs out.. :runaway:

oh and btw i just noticed the AD version has a huge , rather ugly basement... is it really the same design Markmywords..?
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yea i noticed that too.. but markmywords posted in the damac headquarters thread that this design has been moved to this project now.. i guess we'll have to wait for more renders of this one to really see how much the design has changed or if it has changed at all... i hope it's the same :D
In the true DAMAC tradition, Im sure they released this tower without even planning how many floors its is going to be, how the building should be modified to fit in the new site etc.

All they did was put some water in front of the old HQ design and some changes in the podium. The design is going to 'evolve' based on how many fools in AD are prepared to buy :D

Remember the Crescent where they change the floors from several times depending on the demand and how they put the 'Arabian sea' in front of the building making it look like a waterfront property just because there is a remote possibility of a lake being somwhere in a 4 km radius.

IN Dubai you cant sue for all this right?

Edit: These are the HQ renderings by the way. They dont have any more of the AD version other than the one submitted.
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dubaiflo said:
:hahaha: i am sure they r watching this forum, but did not join yet since they still think they do not need to answer to our criticism etc. :D

Make a guess, what their project in Palm Jebel Ali is called after their 'Palm Springs' in Palm Jumeirah.

A free bath in the Crescent Sea for winners :D
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