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Completed: Qatar Digital Library

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Digital Library … the State of Qatar is moving towards the future at a steady pace

And to shed light on the most important of the contents of the library of digitized materials in English and Arabic, we mention some of it included on its website:
  1. about 500 maps, charts and diagrams of the Arabian Gulf and the surrounding region.Among maps in Qatar digital Library is the map of Claudius Ptolemy developed in 1487, which speaks of the Arabian Peninsula.
  2. A selection of photographs, postcards and other publications, as well as sketches, drawings and paintings and water colors, as well as etchings and engravings, graphics.
  3. A selection of audio recordings of 200 of shellac discs recorded in Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq between 1920 and 1940.
  4. records of India Office covering the period from 1763 to 1951, and includes files of records from political resident at Bushehr and records of Bahrain agency.
Perhaps it is useful to refer to the four pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030 :
First: Economic Development, which seeks to develop a competitive and diversified economy capable of meeting the needs, and to ensure a high standard of living in the present time and in the future.
Second: Social Development, which aims to develop a fair and safe community based on high moral, social welfare and able to cope and interact with other communities.
Third: Human Development, which seeks to develop and grow the population of the State of Qatar to be able to build a prosperous society.
Finally, environmental development intending to environmental management in away to ensure that there is harmony between economic and social development and environmental protection.
In terms of economic development, it is an essential element in the Qatar National Vision 2030, it serves as an engine of evolution, by providing more opportunities and a better life for Qataris.
It is clear from this vision that the State of Qatar, which has seen huge shifts in a few years and in various fields, seeking to devote sustainable development by drawing a conscious strategic policy to the requirements of present and future and its foundation is the development. This means that it is moving towards the future at a steady pace.

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