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Credit to isicman :)

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Location is mentionned as C2-C19
Contractor is Orient House for Development & Construction Co. LLC.

Foundation works ongoing

A few workers can be spotted on this picture
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Since my last visit 2 month ago, they moved from basement to ground floor.
If they continue so fast, they can top out in 2017 :)
(30 floors multiplied by 2 month per floor = 5 years)

By the way, does anybody knows how to change #GROUND WORK to #UNDER C?
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Level 1 is casted and works ongoing for level 2.

Again, it has been two month and they did one and half floor approximately.
What happens under the cover?

Works in progress

Slab of level 7 casted

Level 12 casted (when counting from GF), marked as level 9 from the other side of the building. It makes a 10 day per floor rotation since my last update. If they continue at the same pace, they will top out in about 7/8 months.

Facade support system installation started

They reach more than level 20

First pieces of facade and cladding installed:

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this project is not visible anywhere on internet. although progress is good.
is it yet for sale or no?
Facade works almost completed

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Almaya supermarket opening soon, they will probably close the small one accross the road in Amaya towers by then

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