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Hi, I posted this in Febuary, but it was in a different thread with a bunch of projects, so I don't think people saw it, so I decided to make a new one, enjoy:

Seef Mall Expansion

Seef Properties, the leading property development and management company in Bahrain, has unveiled the image of Seef Mall's West Wing Expansion.

The ambitious project is scheduled for completion by the beginning of next year.

Seef Mall's West Expansion commenced last year with the appointment of local consultants Hisham AbdulRahman Jaffer (HAJ) Consultancy responsible for the quantity surveying and project management of the multi-million dollar venture.

The nearly $40 million expansion is set to increase Seef Mall's capacity by over one third of its current size, bringing the total Gross Lettable Area to approximately 75,000 square metres.

"Seef Properties' positive move towards the Seef Mall Expansion came as a result of extensive market research, excellent sales track record witnessed by the mall over the past couple of years and our projected growth in demand," said Seef Properties leasing and merchandising manager Khalid Fadhul.

"Our findings revealed the expansion would inevitably meet the customer demands for additional shopping choice while satisfying the retailers who are eager to setup their operations in the Seef Mall premises."

The additional 22,000 square metres of space will house two floors filled with an extensive retail mix consisting of new fashion brands, Multimedia stores, sports outlets and a variety of new coffee shops and restaurants to complement the expansion.

Seef Properties has also signed up with new tenants some of whom include internationally renowned brand names associated with quality in product standards such as Kenneth Cole Unisex Fashion, Coccinelle ladies bags, Enzo Angilioni Ladies Footwear, Aldo Accessories, Strand Bags, Paul Frank Industries character driven concept.

"Seef Properties has been committed to providing its Seef Mall visitors with the ultimate shopping experience through its extensive choice in fashion, technology, entertainment and dining outlets," said Fadhul.

"We have therefore ensured that the new expansion supports our on-going strategy of spoiling our customers for choice by introducing a variety of new brands into the market to suit everyone's taste," says Fadhul.

Seef Mall, the most visited shopping and leisure destination in Bahrain, covers over 100,000m².

The mall currently offers customers a selection of 220 retail shops of various international brands, a 16 screen multiplex cinema and more than 40 restaurants and coffee shops, which combined, offer seating for approximately over 2,000 people.

For shopper's convenience, the mall provides a 650-vehicle multi storey covered car park with air-conditioned entrances leading to all the mall's main shopping floors, with a further 2,250 car parking spaces surrounding the mall.
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The guys in Bahrain, how are works progressing on this?
I wonder how this west expansion will be integrated with the rest of the mall..!
I think it will be in the carpark near the old cinema, you know the one where they had the MTC tent when it first launched. It should be there, that's the west side of the mall.
Yeah, but how will it be joined exactly...i mean how will people from the old end enter the new west expansion, since theres BHS in the way, and the cenimas upstairs..
That I don't know, am sure they'll open it from Shoe City downstairs, somewhere around there and somewhere behind the cinema, although I can't clearly see how that'll happen. Again, this is planned out so they've taken into account all of these things.
Well Pat. Its clear from the top pics (2nd), a coridor from main entrance (one taking to Starbucks) to the expansion will serve the purpose.
Bahraini Spirit said:
The guys in Bahrain, how are works progressing on this?
Nothing yet, parking is closed and area is boundried. they are in the very early stages
Well by the time am back, there must be somethin goin on if they want to finish it early 2006. This should be a good addition to seef mall.
Wow, u could see all that from the 2nd pic!! Thanx moody for the clarification, i think u might just be right...
I can see the Seef Mall expansion area from my window, and drive past it everyday.

I'll be sure to take pictures once significant construction begins.
yippie another new member

welcome!!! :)

great you try to take some photos!
I was there this weekend. You can see the whole place is cornered off and I took a look inside, the just started putting in all the material and orginzing all the steal and stuff. So im guessing they'll break ground within this week.
Qatar4Ever said:
I was there this weekend. You can see the whole place is cornered off and I took a look inside, the just started putting in all the material and orginzing all the steal and stuff. So im guessing they'll break ground within this week.
You seem to know Bahrain very well, do you go there a lot? do u maybe have family there!?
Ya Qatar4ever is a frequent Bahrain visitor and I think he mentioned to me he has family there (his sister if am not wrong).

Agool, tabay n36eek il gawaz il 7amar? Hehehe :D

It's good this thing will break ground soon, this should look really nice when completed. Seef Mall really needed to expand and I think this will serve the purpose quite good.
want to know one more fact ?

The lenght of both malls (city Centre and seef mall) is about 500 meters

but seef is much thinner than the later.... much thinner ,,,,,
So any news on the expansion!? Hows it coming along? And when is the flyover going to be finished..!!!
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Seef Expansion will be ready by july 2006, it includes 19 stories tower and a car park building for 500 cars
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