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Name: Silicon Arch
Floors: 9
Height: ?
Use: Residential
Location: DSO

there was an ad on the second page of the GN today and it was quite good for DSO so i went to their website to get the stuff...enjoy

Silicon Arch , Dubai Silicon Oasis

Silicon Arch as a new concept of modern living. This residential building is the one to conform to every demanding requirement. It comprises both stylish and comfortable living. There are business and recreational facilities. Silicon Arch, located in the heart of one pf the most advanced and modernized environments in the world-Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is an innovation-driven technology community, housing microelectronics and optoelectronics-related enterprises, a state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, research, development centers, specialized academic institutions and residential areas.

It is located in close proximity to Dubai Land and Academic City-giving a variety of choice when considering educational program for your children.

Silicon Arch is designed to offer you wonderful experience of new living, to become a true home for a family.


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wow...Spectacular!!! :eek:

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I heard that the jacuzzi is not going to be built. Is that true?

I saw the mens and women change rooms being converted into a 2 bedroom penthouse. Not sure if that was part of the plan all along, I could be wrong.

Nice rooftop pool and good view of the 560 villas if your lucky enough to face west.

Recent pictures of Silicon Gates can be found in under Silicon Gates section.

Silicon Gates looks real nice from the outside and the interior is pretty good too. The sales pitch mentioned a concierge, anyone living there can confirm that?

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