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#Completed: Wallamurra Towers - 7s/res (Cairns)

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Wallamurra Towers - Abbott Street

Priced from $509,000. Wallamurra Towers will be a lavish dual tower, with a combination of both residential homes and commercial spaces available. Located just one block from the famed Cairns Esplanade and just minutes from the CBD, the majority of the apartments will offer views to the water and the spectacular Tableland ranges.

With its prestigious location, premium quality finishes and bold exterior, Wallamurra Towers offers something that really is incomparable within central Cairns. The showpiece of Benchmark's property portfolio, Wallamurra Towers truly represents a new era in Cairns inner-city living. Wallamurra Towers boasts an excellent location - just minutes from the bustling Esplanade, a short stroll from the lagoon and all the essentials just around the corner, this exclusive location is sure to satisfy the needs of every resident. Comprising of just 26 luxury residences and 5 commercial allotments that are spread over two buildings, Wallamurra Towers promises privacy and exclusivity with all of the excitement of city living.

A resident at Wallamurra Towers is guaranteed the ultimate in luxury as their home will be completed with the very best finishes, features and appliances. The experienced Benchmark design team has carefully selected all the essentials that make living in a tropical climate more
comfortable. A contemporary lap pool, complete air conditioning in each home, and ceiling fans inside and on balconies are just a few of the features that will enhance a stress-free coastal lifestyle. To further compliment this lifestyle, the collection of commercial properties on the
lower levels of the complex will ensure that many needs of residents can be met.

Only good renders of the tower I could find:

Plans and renders:

Top Level:

Typical Level:

Renders and plans from here and more renders and plans are available from the same page.

Virtual Tour offering great views of Cairns and also the site under construction.

Information from

Construction updates from Thursday 8th May.

A self erector has be installed. Sorry about the sun :)

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^^ He could be talking about many things in that post, even though im considering it a double entendre, cause it has many meanings in one, the first thing that came to my mind was very sexual.

Anyway, looks like they've changed the design for this one, the tallest building didn't look so glassy in the original renders.
Yeah I had a feeling it was something sexual:lol:

It's good it has a restaurant on the ground floor, it will encourage more people to come into that area since it is quite a quiet area of the northern CBD.
Wallmurra Towers is also rising at a good pace. Once again my timing has fallen when the sun is directly facing into the camera!

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Either it was early knock off time today or Monday was their day off the site had no one on it. They do seem to be getting ready for the next level though.

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Looks like it is topped out and the crane is now on an angle. It adds some nice low level density to the area with a good looking development.

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It seems to just keep getting taller, it has to be topped out now.


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Yeah couldn't see it yesterday either. The crane count is getting really low, least we have a few approvals waiting but it might be a while before they start. I think our next major site will be Central Park and there is the RSL as well.
And the crane is gone again!

Here are a lot of photos. The paint is ok, at least it isn't white but I'll give my verdict when I come back and see it complete.

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Yes it's a great little project. I've noticed some changes with the original render too.

Glass at the back of the walkway is different, I couldn't see that garden and the pond had a raised wall around it. Also there is another level on the right building. Top unit on the left building now has less windows, the balcony doesn't go right around and the purple cement pillar next to the walkway goes all the way up. In the render it seemed to stop after the last balcony. Also there is now a pillar on the right building supporting the new level I guess.

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All finished, a little messy looking but overall another great little development.

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