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Concept | CBD NORTH | Ivy Redevelopment (330 George St) | ~55st/~190m | Hotel

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Another nail in the coffin for Sydney nightlife?

From The Tele:

Justin Hemmes confirms he will replace Merivale’s Ivy with an international hotel
EXCLUSIVE, Amy Harris, The Sunday Telegraph

LEGENDARY party palace The Ivy will be knocked down and replaced by a giant hotel.

Hospitality king Justin Hemmes has confirmed the eight-storey Ivy will become a 55-storey international hotel.

Describing the plan as nothing less than “incredible”, Hemmes said the project, which is in the early drafting stages, may take years to complete. He said it would finish the dream he had when he bought the site for $22 million in 2004.

“I always intended it to be a holding development site,” said Hemmes, who admitted the 3000 sqm block has exploded in value. A property value estimation put the site at around $65 million.

“It is just a fantastic site. It’s got so much potential,” he said. “There are so many options available to us and it’s something I want to do properly so we’ll be taking our time.”

But Hemmes said the most likely scenario is a 55 storey hotel — the maximum under the area’s building restrictions.

He said he only intended on having the Ivy for 10 years.

“But (Ivy) proved to be more successful than I thought so this has come later than I expected,” he said.

“That was the reason I kept Ivy as a low-rise development … so it could be knocked down eventually.”

Recent developments in the area have made that prospect more appealing.


As for a start date, Hemmes would only say that design planning was “under way” and “beyond that, all options are being considered”.

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Would be a significant venue to lose but a great site for a hotel.

Big block of land, maybe they could build a new entertainment precinct on the lower levels with a slender tower above.
No surprise really. Always an underdeveloped site.
Yeah, and an extensive selection of bars and restaurants in the hotel podium wouldn’t surprise me.

Pool deck on the 55th floor, anyone?
I did always wonder why the Ivy complex was so short, given the potential for a block that size in that area of town...
Awaiting the reaction from Town Hall House...
amidst deep concern for those poor people who lunch on Martin Place steps @ George Street whose sunshine will be cruelly blocked for possibly 10 days, maybe even a fortnight in late June every single year.*

* In light of recent and past events, I would like to take this occasion to point out that sarcasm is involved in that statement, so be alert.
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yeh i hope it gets up. never liked a 4storey in that prime george st spot. silly idea.
How can than think it possible to go to this height? The Ivy is directly behind Angel Place which was limited to no more than 30 floors due to overshadowing ...
It’s next door, across Angel Place, isn’t it?

It was at one time going to house the shorter of Dino Burratini’s AMP-backed towers.
I was thinking more of the endless chopping back of Wynyard Place - to 27 storeys - and council's petty obduracy over so fatuous a point.

CoS is alleged to be easing up on its aversion to height: this will definitely be a test case.
Fingers crossed to retain or expand the sites entertainment space as part of a redevelopment. Pool Club on a higher level sounds interesting!

Odd we are losing some pretty nice venues to redevelopment (eg. Home @ Cockle Bay Wharf or The Bourbon) whilst the old dives still jog on with not a dime in improvement *cough ARQ, Stonewall. Guess a case of why fix if the punters still come in droves.
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the IVY was good while it lasted, good riddance to it and all the socially elite grubs, pick up roaches and jezebels that went through that place. lets get some more class there with a nice hotel.
What better way to get rid of those elite grubs than replacing a venue with an exclusive 5 star hotel. Sydney appears to be gentrifying from a place for the egalitarian middle class to the rich and elite. Taking the example of the lockouts effect on Kings Cross again, in its prime the venues had a great diversity of patrons. Nowadays it's very heavily skewed toward eastern suburbs youth. And small bars definitely aren't picking up the slack in the market with their $25 cocktails.. All part of keeping the unwashed at Rooty Hills RSL and Panthers I guess.. #wheremySydneygone.
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Im here ffor skyscrapers
Ahh makes sense, the Ivy was a great concept when it was first built but Hemmes has severely neglected the building, it looks very worn and tatty these days, certainly not up to standard. The pool area was a success though and hopefully it will be replaced with something similar.
it was always temporrary
With the IVY gone this will damage Sydney's reputation even more, make no mistake.

I'm not against the redevelopment of the site and haven't even been to the IVY at all. But i do know that it is the one club many seem to be frequenting or talking about outside of ARQ which is an LGBTI venue. What happens when all of these night venues are completely gone? My issue is where are the new ones? Where are the alternatives? Are new pubs, restaurants and tiny bars enough to make Sydney a fun, inclusive city again?

And i wonder how long until someone buys off ARQ near Taylor Square for a high rise development and kills the only proper gay night club remaining in Sydney. Again i am all in favour of moving forward and developing the city but not at the constant cost of losing our diverse night life. And i honestly don't see any actual alternatives or plan B's for this. Not even from Clover Moore who seems content with the 50-70 people capacity watering holes that are popping up here and there.
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Keep in mind that George st is blocked to traffic, how are all the taxis from the airport supposed to delivery the hotel guests, from the back alley???

I love my skyscrapers, architecture and all things shiny and new. But this is just another example of overdevelopment in the city.
I love a beautiful livable city even more.

FYI - Ivy was not for the socially elite, it attracted all sorts of people.
Thursday nights was for teenagers $5 drinks, Friday nights for uni students and mostly east asians.
In the daytime there were $10 pizzas.
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Absolutely agree guys. I am extremely concerned about Sydney nightlife in general, this project though I rest assured that Hemmes will include a flagship nightspot in conjunction with the hotel tower - hopefully even something even better than Ivy.

Despite it being the State's most violent venue, it still ranks #1 on many international visitors lists, primarily because of the rooftop pool club. I would not underestimate the power of influence venues like this have on visitors.

However, the regulations of NSW Liquor and Gaming is still super discouraging and prohibitive:

"The liquor licence freeze in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross has been extended to 1 June 2018. The freeze in Kings Cross is aligned with the current Sydney CBD freeze. The freeze restricts the granting of licences for hotels, clubs, takeaway liquor outlets, various liquor related authorisations such as extended trading, and development consents in the CBD and Kings Cross precincts. Other minor changes provide opportunities for businesses to refurbish and improve their service. Whether an application is likely to result in an increase in people entering the precincts principally to consume alcohol has been removed. However, other restrictions preventing the approval of applications likely to result in the patron capacity of a CBD or Kings Cross venue being increased have been retained"
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