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Before the house started to fall apart in the mid-1980's, the DRC was a SSA powerhouse with a national flag carrier, Air Congo/Zaire, unmatched in the whole region in terms of modern fleet and number of destinations. The national airspace was one of the safest and RVA, the national air traffic control agency, one of the best on the whole continent. This thread is not only to illustrate that glorious era but also to give a hint as to DRC’s potential. Beware of a sleeping giant…

Air Congo in the 1960's


Mutu ya Chuma.
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How many Aircrafts do you think we would need to bring back the Airline?

In my Opinion i was thinking:

4( 2 AirBus 340A and 2 Express Airbus 320A) for EU and all north Africa and West Africa.

2 for East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania) Airbus 240A.

2 Southern Africa . Airbus 240A.

2 for Asia (Dubai and China). Airbus 240A.

Then 6 Airbus 240A. for domestic Routes.

Total a Feet of 16 Aircrafts Congo Airways is back.

Not just Airbus, but can also be Eambraer and Beings 787.

I would prefer also that Internal flights be left to local private industries.

CAA, HBA, Wimbi Dira. etc...

But this Flagship airline should be left private as well.

We must have a bank that capable of lending a large sum of money though.
1 - 20 of 790 Posts
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