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The Congolese senate on Monday ratified in Brazzaville two separate trade agreements with Angola and South Africa.
The first agreement is between Angola and Congo on the basis of the principles of the World Trade Organization (WTO) under which the two parties would grant each other the benefit of the most favoured nation clause as far as customs duties and taxes inherent in import activities, formalities pertaining to the transportation of goods and trade regulation are concerned.

Under the provisions of the agreement, Congo and Angola commit themselves to improving conditions of access to and participation in public markets on a non-discriminatory basis, authorize to their residents to carry out all payments for movement of goods in a freely convertible currency.

The second agreement was signed on 1 December 2005 between Congo and South Africa which aims
at improving conditions of access to markets through the removal of tariff and non-tariff barriers.

It contains a safeguard clause that enables the two countries to consult each other and take appropriate measures when imports increase in conditions and quantities that are likely to be prejudicial to national producers.

Anti-dumping measures can also be taken in some cases.
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