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Retirei essas informações desse thread do internacional:

E acredito que ela serve para mostrar a algumas pessoas que um sistema de metrô não é um conceito quadradinho que temos em nossa mente, pode ter coisas que jamais imaginaríamos, tanto do melhor, quanto do pior. Enfim, vejam aí e divirtam-se:)!

Line 1 of Athens metro started operating in 1869 between Piraeus and Thisseion. That part is at-grade, that’s why it does not appear in the list with the oldest subways in the world. The first underground section between Monastiraki and Omonoia opened in 1895. The detailed history of line 1 can be found at
The state of this line a few years ago was deplorable. Decades of neglect had lead to very ugly and dirty stations, with plain platforms made of concrete and no ornamentation whatsoever. The two and a half underground stations in downtown Athens, i.e. Victoria, Omonoia and Monastiraki (this one is only partially underground) were infested with drug-addicts and homeless people. After the refurbishment works, which were completed just in time for the Olympic games in 2004, the stations in line 1 are among the most beautiful in Europe. Each one has a different design, which means that if you are familiar with the stations you do not have to read the signs in order to know where you are. Escalators were installed where it was necessary and all stations were made accessible to handicapped people, through ramps and elevators. Total cost of the refurbishment: 300 million Euros, an average of 12.5 million Euros per station. What remains to be done is the replacement of the tracks, so that trains can run a bit faster. Now trains take about 50 minutes to cover the 25.6 km long route. To get an idea how the stations looked before the renovation, have a look at
The pictures on the left side show the old situation.

The last station to the North. Kifissia is one of the most beautiful suburbs of Athens as you can see in


My favorite station in line 1. It is elevated, 6 meters above ground.

This is the newest station which was inaugurated in 2004 as an alternative access to the Olympic Stadium. It also provides a connection to the Suburban Railway. Its importance increased enormously in November 2005 with the opening of “The Mall”, a huge shopping center connected to the station through a footbridge. More about The Mall at

This station serves the Olympic Complex.

Neo Irakleio
As a part of the refurbishment of the station, an amphitheater was constructed, which hosts open-air performances.

Nea Ionia
A café operates on the footbridge linking the two sides of the station.

A peculiarity of this station is that from one side it is at-grade, while from the other side it is elevated, 7 meters above ground.


Ano Patissia
This station is elevated, 3 meters above ground. It is the first station from the North within the municipality of Athens.

Aghios Eleftherios

Kato Patissia
Before the refurbishment only half of this station was roofed. Now all of it is covered. Above the roof there is a work of modern art.

Aghios Nikolaos

Here there is a connection with line 2, 15 meters lower.

Despite the renovation, this station was left in its original style, with light green tiles on the walls. It lies only 5 meters below the road surface.

Omonoia square is synonymous with drug addiction, illegal immigrants and prostitution. During the day the place looks normal, but when shops close the most unpleasant people in Athens metro area make their appearance.
Level -1 of Omonoia station used to be a shame for the city. Lots of shops, lottery-ticket sellers, beggars playing musical instruments, homeless sleeping in blankets, drug addicts begging for 100 drachmas, loud voices and dirt everywhere. Unfortunately I have no pictures from those infamous times. Things changed dramatically in the early 90s when works for the construction of line 2 started. All shops were shut down and the junkies were kicked out. Finally in January 2000 the new station opened below the old one. This station has 33 escalators, more than any other station in the entire metro system.
Level -1, at a depth of 4 meters, became a sterilized underground passage, with no shops and no loiterers.

Level -2, line 1 station, at a depth of 7 meters, did not lose its original character, i.e. walls covered with yellow tiles, during the renovation.

Level -3, at a depth of 14 meters, is the connecting passage between lines 1 and 2.
Level -4 is the line 2 station at a depth of 23 meters.

Here we are at the center of the tourist area. There is a connection with line 3, which lies 27 meters below surface.

This station serves the historic center of Athens and is well known to most tourists. In the evenings the area is teeming with beautiful young people strolling and having coffee. From here you can get to the Acropolis on foot in 10 minutes enjoying the most scenic view in Athens.

The last station within the municipality of Athens.

This station, inaugurated in 1989, introduced the concept of “Park and ride” in Athens. Formerly it also bore the name of “Eleftherios Venizelos”, but with the opening of the new airport the second name was scrapped to prevent misunderstandings.


The reddish colors of the station are due to the fact that there is a carnival in Moschato every year with active participation of the tiny Brazilian community in Athens. That’s why the station had to look playful!

Neo Faliro
This station serves some sports facilities and provides access to the tramway line which runs along the coast. For an excellent photo coverage of the area, have a look at

This is probably the station most tourists are familiar with. Piraeus port is the gateway to the islands and the fastest way to reach it from Athens is by metro. Recently a footbridge was constructed to facilitate access to the port. Nice pics of this station, as well as of some beautiful stations in lines 2 an 3, can be seen at[/QUOTE]

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fantastico ...

as estações são bonitas, funcionais (ao menos parece) e tem um ar agradavel...obras de arte, arvores, arquitetura com curvas suaves e belas...alem disso, no trecho subterraneo as estações são claras, dando um aspecto mais confortavel

gostei :eek:kay:

Paris, France.
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Pra quem achou o metrô de Atenas "simples", aí vai um texto que comprova que ele é um dos mais lindos, sofisticados e funcionais do mundo (aqui só mostraram a linha 1, deixando de lado algumas das mais belas estações de metrô do mundo, como a da Praça Syntagma):

Várias das estações atenienses ultrapassam a simplicidade porque a cidade em si já é grandiosa: nas construções de várias estações encontraram tesouros arqueológicos de valor inestimável, que, hoje, constituem parte da decoração das mesmas.

Sou do eixo, sou do mal!
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É mais ou menos o mesmo conceito das novas estações da CPTM, mas desde 1869 elas são assim ou foram modernizadas? Bom falaram do brutalismo das estações do metrô daqui, mas é uma caracterisitca nossa e da época que foram construídas ué, veja se a linha 4 vai ser assim tb, ou se as novas estações da CPTM não tem esse mesmo conceito do metrô de Atenas.(das primeiras da foto)

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Taí poderia ser o metrô de alguma ensolarada ciadade do NE.

Nada espetaculoso, alguns trechos subterrâneos, outros de superfície e acima de tudo oferece transporte eficiente e confortável a quem interessa.

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Quem dera as estações de metro do brasil fossem que nem essas. No Brasil impera o concreto nu e cru. Poucas estações tem azulejos e paredes pintadas tipo essas de Atenas

SSC Brasil
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No Rio, quase todas as estações da Linha 1 possuem excelente acabamento em mámore (principalmente), pastilhas, azulejos e outros materiais. Só três estações possuem concreto aparente em abundância (Praça Onze, Flamengo e Botafogo - a mais feia de todas).

Já nas da Linha 2 o concreto aparente impera, apesar de que algumas estações possuem um acabamento mais caprichado. Não que nas outras o acabamento seja ruim, mas é bem mais simples.
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