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As an election seems to be coming closer and closer my worries are that a conservative win in the next election would have significant detrimental effects on the social and economic engine that is the city of Toronto. More importantly numerous lobby groups lingering in the hidden underbelly of the conservative party of Canada have been trying to get conservative members of parliament from ridings that dot the small town and surburban landscape across Canada to curtail immigration, cut English and French as a second language funding, reduce the rights of immigrants specifically decrease the number of refugee claimaints entering Canada, and divert funds devoted towards integrations of immigrants into Canadian society to use them for greater employment opportunities in farm communities across Canada.

Much of the growth that Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal have witnessed in the last decade has been to do the influx of immigrants. This for instance in Toronto and Vancouver has resulted in the largest housing boom in decades, with prices rising rapidly. According the Home Builders Association Toronto is one of the largest housing markets in North America rivaling Atlanta, and Mexico City for employment in the construction industry and number of units built. If the under belly of the conservatives have their way immigration to Canada could come to a screeching halt or be stuck in even more red tape then it already is, and that could have several implications on the economic and cultural well being of Toronto and other urban centres.

The fact of the matter is that the conservatives know they don't stand a chance in hell of gaining seats in the inner urban cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. No wonder, that is where nearly 84% of non-white populations live and work. During the riegn of Preston Manning and Stockwell day the conservatives did a poor job of speaking to visible minority voters, in fact it was not uncommon to hear negative or racist remarks from the leaders themselves. (Case in point Stockwell Day reaffirming that Canada should bear mind its Christian Character, when thinking about Canadian issues) All well knowing this was a direct challenge to the fact that the numbers of protestants and catholics in relation to the growth of Hindus, Jewish, Muslim, Budhists, and athiest populations across Canada. The fact that Preston Manning known for making derogretory remarks to Sikhs has been the principal inspirations for Belinda Stronach "Canada's new IT girl" is of great concern to minority populations.

This negative preception amongst visible minorities of the conservative party have stuck and will continue to stick until and when Mr. Harper openly disassociates himself from members of his caucus that have expressed racist or negative comments or expressed the need for anti-immigration policies. Mr. Harper is known to be a fair and pragmtic man, and if these fears are false then he should come forward and openly state his party's policies with regards to immigration and funding for visible minorities and people with first languages other then English.

Toronto is on the verge of a cultural re-construction which would not be happening if it were not for the cosmopolitan nature of our city, and everywhere I go Torontonians cannot help but have big dreams for our city. The continuity of positive urban growth is contigent upon integration of of all city dewellers in fair and respective manner so we can all share in Toronto's aspirations to become world class. If the conservative party holds true to its initiative for immigration and cultural reform, then that key pillar of Toronto's ability to integrate and grow with the needs of Torontonians will be severely crippled. At this moment most of Toronto is concerned with the key pillar of the arts culture falling apart if funding is stopped by conservatives, but if the immigration and visible minority policies fall as well Toronto should might as well stop dreaming so big because the rural conservatives will surely be their to inform new Canadians and Torontonians that Canadian dreams rarely ever come true.
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