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Nice city Constantine, very beautiful because of the site on the rocks!
Is the teleférico (cableway) public transport which can be used with a bus or tram ticket at cheap prices or is it an expensive attraction for tourists?
Is Constantine inhabited in part by people who do not read Arabic? I saw a film on independence war against the French and one would expect that after these atrocities everything in French language would be wiped off the streets after 1962 like it happened here in 1945, everything in German was immediataly eliminated after liberation. It looks strange that advertisements for mobile phones etc. clearly intended for young people are written in the language of the old colonisator who left more than 40 years ago. Here in Holland no one would think of advertise anything in German (except beer perhaps) if not in a despective context when there are European or World soccer championships - in football here beating Germany is considered more important than winning the Euro or world cup! (German is still studied here in school but that bis mainly because we have to understand them due to our geographical location, and most Dutch prefer English, French and Spanish).
On the image (portrait) of Numidic leader Massinissa there appears a word written in what looks like Greek letters and mathematical signs, is that another alphabet of your region and why does it not appear in street signs, or is it an antique alphabet which is not used today like cuneiforme or hieroglyphics?

Thanks for answering

Domtoren from Utrecht
141 - 160 of 3504 Posts