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the 3 resi tower just north of C3 and not to forget the 20storey south of C5.
sales for these units will proceed in next 12 months

R3=50STOREYS/175M (23,500sqm)
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....5853/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....37d2/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....87969184d69cc6b0f1/Architectural Drawings.pdf

the 3 resi towers (R3,R4,R5)

R7 Tower

some latest renders

Barangaroo apartment sales next step for Lend Lease

Read more:

LEND Lease is looking to start sales of the residential tower at Sydney's $6 billion Barangaroo South project within the next two years, after securing funding for the project.

Aside from the three office towers, casino and hotel, about 775 to 800 apartments are planned for the site. The apartments could have an asking price of $1 million-plus.

After lengthy talks, the group said that New South Wales government superannuants in First State Super and the Telstra Super fund would be direct financiers of the $2 billion Barangaroo South project.

The two funds are included in the syndicate with the Lend Lease-managed Australian Prime Property Fund Commercial that will take a combined $500 million stake in the construction of the development.

Advertisement The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board will invest $1 billion and Lend Lease will make up the remaining $500 million, funded by internal cash flow, not by shareholders.

Westpac, KPMG and Lend Lease are the confirmed anchor tenants for the first two office towers, at an average rental of $1000 a square metre, with about 20 per cent of the rent as incentives. It is speculated that accounting firm PwC could take out the anchor space for the 3rd tower.
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So is the whole residential component being launched at the same time? I was under the impression that the apartments in front of international towers would be the first to be launched and constructed.

I look forward to seeing detailed renders for the residential towers. Those in the north in particular are well placed to break up the sheer bulk and size of C3
Under the initial competition winning design, R3 & R4 were designed by LAVA;

I'd like to see the final residential towers built with some greenery (ala Central Park). It would provide a vertical connection between the highrise built form of Barangaroo South through to the vegetated form of the Headland Park
That they do. Note the stepped roof at the top of R4 (more renders at the LAVA link indicate R5 had a similar form).

Nevertheless, do not stress! The renders posted by CULWULLA are only concept designs and are not detailed renders. They are only Stage 1 Approved and have to go in for Stage 2 Approval in the years to come. And if the towers are not completed until the end of the decade (as the timeline upwards mentioned suggests), we could see some quality designs featuring vertical gardens, riding off the success of One Central Park.
Refinements are a must. In their current concept design, the towers are a mere shadow of the LAVA designs.

Depending on the height of the hotel, there could also be small impacts on the location and height of R4 and R5.
Yep anyone with $1 million+ to spare should go for it!

I've got a friend that has shown some interest in the residential component of Barangaroo, could be on quite a few people's interest list!
This shows how the residential towers will break up the bulk of C3.

In regards to the southern cove, does anyone else feel like it is a pointless initiative now? It seems the canal has been scratched and providing the hotel ends up next to R4, the southern cove will be in shade for most of the day. Same goes for the waterfront square. This begs the question - is it worth keeping the southern cove?
Here is the prelim site plan and we can see where the residential towers will go approx and the low rise residentials also.

R4 AND R5 are north of southern cove and R3 is on the southern side.
R7 which is the 20 level tower is at the southern end of the site.

You would think R3 would be completed before R4 and R5

The Lend Lease hotel may go the west of R4

Cul has posted the east elevation of the towers. Here is the north elevation..

I'm interested in this also!

I'd be surprised for R1 to go - it is located in a prime waterfront location and completes the wall of low rise residential apartments along the promenade.

I'd be less surprised to see R7 go. It will be overshadowed by C5 for a fair part of the day.

Pure speculation here, but perhaps the cultural centre will be relocated from the waterfront square to R7 and be a bit more substantial in size?

Methinks R8 and R9 could be lodged by year's end for planning approval.
Cul did say 'CU Square.' This could mean the public square will be west of what was once Globe Street (not sure if that name still applies) on the site of R1, and the cultural building where R7 is.

R1 is quoted in this report as being ~820 sq m.

https://majorprojects.affinitylive....5c95/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf

In this report, R7 is quoted as being ~1,140 sq m.

https://majorprojects.affinitylive....9f7c/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf

Unless more space is provided for a cultural building, it will still be a token gesture. A five floor building at 1,140 sq m per floor (total = 5,700 sq m) is still less than half the size of the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay.

I noticed in Cul's first post that there is a substantial amount of vacant space to the south of R7. It could easily double the amount of space much so that a building with a floor plate of ~2,500 sq m per floor could be created. And, ~2,500 sq m x 5 floors = 12,500 sq m. Much more substantial.
New website has been launched ahead of the release of the residential component at Barangaroo


Luxury Waterfront Apartments and Penthouses

Situated on Sydney's spectacular harbour front, Barangaroo South is destined to become Sydney’s premier residential community, being directly connected to a globally-admired waterfront business and leisure precinct.

With a mix of stylish high and medium rise apartments, Barangaroo South offers an impressive range of options from one, two and three bedroom apartments to prestigious sky homes enjoying stunning Sydney Harbour, Harbour Bridge and Opera House views.

The premium residences have all been designed to take advantage of harbour views and will include sustainable elements that provide a superior indoor environment.

Approximately 800 apartments will be delivered in stages, creating a vibrant community of around 1,200 people.

For more information on Barangaroo South , visit the Barangaroo South website.

Register now for Stage 1 coming in 2013!

Note - there's a small artist's impression of the waterfront promenade at Barangaroo South at the bottom of the website. It appears to be north of both C5 (gold tower) and C4 (silver tower)...possibly in line with C3 (bronze tower). Notice the lack of a pier and hotel, for those that are holding onto that aspect of the original plan
Apparently the DA for the lowrise residential apartments along the waterfront promenade has been lodged. Architects FJMT and PTW. Render at link below. Keep an eye on DoP website for documents
Agreed. I love the curves, it's a sexy, contemporary residential building that responds well to its location. Would have liked to have seen this reflected more in the PTW residential buildings however at least they are all quite individualistic.
RFJ is an incredible architect. the disc shaped cloud inspired corner bldg looks FAB.
I didn't realise the FJMT building was actually comprised of two parts. Love it even more now. Call me boring but I probably would have preferred to see the FJMT buildings replicated on the PTW site (not that it's a bad looking building) simply to form bookends for the commercial towers.

Overall I'm impressed with both designs (and unimpressed with how average the podium on C3 looks in comparison)
If King Street Wharf is any indication, it'll be noisy after hours alright!

Starting price for a 1 bedder at $1 million is rather expensive too.
Overview up on the Barangaroo South website. Lend Lease envisages 20 F&B tenancies for R8 and R9 including a 'signature restaurant' at the base of FJMT's 'Cloud.' Fantastic location


Completing Sydney’s prestigious northern CBD Quay Precinct, Barangaroo South’s apartment buildings are the city’s last significant residential waterfront opportunity, Lend Lease’s Managing Director for Barangaroo South Andrew Wilson said today.

Mr Wilson’s comment follows Lend Lease’s lodging of planning applications for the first two Barangaroo South residential buildings with the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

These buildings, comprising 159 apartments all with extensive Sydney Harbour views, were designed by leading Australian architects Richard Francis-Jones of fjmt and Andrew Andersons of PTW, and represent the first release of Barangaroo South apartments to the market.

"The contemporary boutique design apartments offer the quintessential Sydney experience," Mr Wilson said. "They are stylish, exclusive and take advantage of their spectacular location on the Harbour and respond to their CBD waterfront environment. Importantly, there are limited opportunities to purchase apartments of this superior quality in a new development on the Harbour edge."

The northern building designed by Mr Francis-Jones includes a striking cloud-shaped design for the apartments and balconies at the north of the building overlooking the new public square and harbour cove.

The southern building designed by Mr Andersons includes substantial rooftop gardens and green plantings.

"Both buildings draw inspiration from the wharves which originally jutted out into East Darling Harbour and Walsh Bay," Mr Wilson said. "This is the next generation Sydney waterside experience. The buildings also convey the vibrancy of Barangaroo South – an active, exciting environment.

"The Quay Precinct, which wraps around the Harbour foreshore from East Circular Quay to King Street Wharf, will include not only Barangaroo South’s apartments but also its new dining and leisure experiences, transport connections, commercial buildings and extensive public spaces.

"The high profile nature of Barangaroo has led to heightened awareness of this development and we are already receiving sales enquiries about these apartments."

The two buildings vary in height from seven to 11 storeys and contain a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments, all with uninterrupted Harbour views. The buildings include six dual-level luxury loft apartments and one double floor penthouse. There will only be a maximum of three apartments per floor for each lift core.

To capitalise on the unique waterfront position, the buildings' ground levels will provide for up to 20 food and beverage tenancies of various scales, including casual cafes and a standout signature restaurant at the northern end facing the cove. The food and beverage "hot spot" at Barangaroo South is destined to become a highlight on Sydney's dining landscape and a new home to some of the most exciting local and global chefs.

In addition to creating high quality urban living spaces, sustainability has been a key factor of the design of these two buildings, Mr Wilson said.

Each building is targeting a 5 Green Star residential rating and incorporates a range of sustainability measures including reduced embodied carbon in the building materials used and extensive bi-fold screen systems for shading. Amongst the other benefits for the occupants is the availability of cross ventilation.

The apartments will be completed in mid-2015.

The planning application documents for the waterfront apartments are on public exhibition from 21 November 2012 until 21 December 2012 and are available to view at the Department of Planning’s Information Centre, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney and online at

Following planning approval, the apartments are expected to debut on the Sydney property market during the second half of 2013. To register interest, please visit

For further information contact:

Greg Flynn, Communications Manager, Barangaroo South Tel: 02 9237 5197
SMH has picked up on R8 and R9, dubbed it 'The Cloud' and our (potential) answer to the Gherkin and the Shard in a poorly written article, which has been followed by a typically majority-NIMBY response in the comments section (too much for the rich, more park, whinge whinge)

The Gherkin, the Shard ... the Cloud?
November 21, 2012 - 3:01PM
Nicole Hasham

London has its 'Gherkin' and 'Shard', and Martin Place has its 'Money Box'.

And Barangaroo may soon have its own piece of architectural inspiration, taken straight from the clouds.

(It's) reminiscent of the free-forms of clouds and waves that complement our sandstone harbour headlands.

The Barangaroo Delivery Authority has lodged plans for Barangaroo Central, which went on public exhibition today. The designs included a tree-lined waterfront promenade, which features a 30-metre timber boardwalk.

Also released today were plans for the first two residential apartments at Barangaroo South, comprising 159 apartments with harbour views.

The apartments range from seven to 11 storeys and include six dual-level luxury loft apartments and a double floor penthouse.

Both buildings were inspired by the wharves which originally protruded into East Darling Harbour and Walsh Bay.

The northern building features a cloud-shaped design and balconies overlooking a new public square and harbour cove.

The architect, Richard Francis-Jones, of fjmt, said the building was inspired by Sydney Harbour. The “expressive, organic” form of the northern apartments was "reminiscent of the free-forms of clouds and waves that complement our sandstone harbour headlands", he said.

The southern building, designed by Andrew Andersons of PTW, includes rooftop gardens and green plantings

Plans for a public promenade at Barangaroo Central have been released. Photo: Supplied
At ground level, up to 20 restaurants, cafes and bars will be established, including a ‘‘standout signature restaurant’’ at the northern end.

The chairman of off-the-plan marketers CBRE, Justin Brown, said a one-bedroom apartment could fetch $1 million, while a three-bedroom apartment could sell for around $3.5 million. The penthouse suite could sell for up to $10 million, he suggested.

Landscape architect Peter Walker designed the promenade, which would run through Barangaroo Central, eventually linking the Headland Park to the north with the commercial and residential precinct in the south. It is expected to be completed in 2015.

Chief executive of the authority, John Tabart, said the walkway would form part of an "active and connected public waterfront".

A long-term master plan for Barangaroo Central is being drawn up, and the precinct would be "a cultural and civic focal point for Sydney", he added.

The proposed promenade would provide public access to the harbour's edge for pedestrians and cyclists, and would accommodate deep-water berthing and special-event infrastructure.

In the northern cove, a pontoon would allow drop-off access for small boats.

The authority has also proposed a lawn area with space for temporary pavilions, public art and event staging areas. It is also seeking approval for a small number of major events such as concerts, festivals and outdoor theatre.

Lend Lease proposes to complete the apartments at Barangaroo South by mid-2015.

Each building is seeking a 5-Green Star residential rating through sustainability measures such as reduced embodied carbon in building materials and bi-fold screen systems for shading.

The apartment and promenade proposals are on public exhibition until December 21.

Read more:
But Avatar these are the low rise residential buildings that front the waterfront. Not every building has to be as iconic or architecturally orgasmic as the Opera House, and if they did pretty much no one would be able to afford to buy (or fund) them.

Yes, we have issues with ambition and vision but I dont think this is required for every single new building.
Exhibition phase for R8 and R9 has ended. Lend Lease is now collating submissions to respond to
Updated render of Barangaroo South with R8 & R9 in the foreground.

NOTE: Render of towers north of International Towers are not detailed designs - Stage 2 DAs yet to be lodged.

Bodes well for the residential towers to come online after R8 and R9!
Strong interest in Sydney’s Barangaroo apartments, say developers

Lend Lease could have over 10,000 enquiries for its Barangaroo apartments in Sydney by the time the first 159 units go up for sale later this year.
Looking at this picture, I'm interested to see if Lend Lease decides to use the residential towers to 'step up' in height to Crown or if they decide to let the height from ITS1 (C3) drop to Crown?

What do you guys think?
Updated render of Barangaroo South with R8 & R9 in the foreground.

NOTE: Render of towers north of International Towers are not detailed designs - Stage 2 DAs yet to be lodged.
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